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Don Shah Sapeur Haitien 🇭🇹  Taking back the lifestyle that was stolen from us****** @sapeurjourney @financialsapeur @nyabc718 @AfricanDances @lmpnyc1

Dressing up for success. My brothers in arms. Graduation Day 🎓at @vermontlawschool. A day that came from the aggregation of many sleepless nights, going to off campus libraries to study until they kicked us out & we had to find a place to study some. Fashionable brothers on our way to become lawyers.

They loved so we could love. They lived so we could live. They stood up so we could stand. Take control!
#mlknow #mlk #mlkday

You really gotta take a moment to shine. Celebrate life & everything you stand for. Photo taken at @madeinafrica54 by @cediced9

It’s so important to recognise how even though we don’t speak to our people’s everyday, that we are still connected, very much apart of each other’s lives. We bring out the best in one another because we propel ourselves to higher heights.

Be true to yourself. Learn to love yourself. Learn to accept that many people won’t accept who you are & misunderstand you. Love comes in many forms.
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The state of mind of a person is present in everything one does. Fashion reflects who one is & the embodiment of one’s goals. It’s a constant definition & redefinition of who we are. Dashiki by @ayoinmotion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #SapeurHaitien #Sapeur #Sapologie #LaSAPE #BlackMenWithStyle #GQInsider #Mensfashion #MenStyle #Menswear #fashion #DapperMen #GQMen #MensFashion #Menswear #MensStyle #Dapper #Blackstyle

Love is the most powerful energy force in the world 🌎It can never truly seen in a physical form. But we can witness its manifestations in gifts, family, friendships, kisses, hugs, tears, & pains. It is not a force to be ever taken for granted. We all shoulder the impact love has had on all of us in its many different forms. The embodiment of love for me comes in physical form Ekwa Msangi. Truly the love of my life.

Being fashionable isn’t about necessarily nice clothes but rather a state of mind, a state of quality, a state of putting your best foot 👣 forward no matter what type of day you’re having.

Perhaps one of the greatest rewards in life is celebrations of others and accepting them as our own. Here we diasporic people of many nations, celebrate the liberation of many. La Sape stands for putting your best on not just extrinsically, intrinsically but purposefully as well.

The hardest thing to realise about life is that it keeps changing. Nothing stays constant. But, one could look back at oneself & see what mind-state one was in. Did you take bride in yourself, did you hide yourself, did you allow yourself to inspire other. La Sape est l’amour.

At Cigar bar, building in style! The purpose building is establish structure in life. The purpose of style is to raise awareness that you have arrived. Peace ✌🏽️ to Brother @josephgolightly Good looking out @shurt.newyork.llc llc for putting me on to these spots. Gotta hit your spot up.

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