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Saoirse Lynch  I am da gal you've been saoirse'ing for ;))))

Post naggin seize, pre-9am work start #resurrectedlikejesus

Smiling as I shovel diabetes into my body, frowning as I feel the effects

Sorry mam for lecturing you on Holland and Bangladeshes education policy's

Desperately trying to grab onto the last few hours of midterm #7weekstillchristmas

Me der now running back into a shop to say hi to a doggo, captured by my babe @_aisling_doyle

Alex in a bad mood is a serious Halloween costume #halloCRASHTHESESHween

Oi oi bitchzzzz izzz midterm, Lezzz geddit

"Are you flappy bird? Coz I'd tap that all night." Hide yo husbands, boyfriends and side hoes coz Hazel Carolan will charm da pants off em

Now that, my friends, is a seeeerious beard

Nice pic of me and my school. This will prolly be my last ever post coz I'm a lanky wafer and Ophelia will likely blow me away tomorrow on my way to the shit hole. Bye friends xoxo #notsoslánsábhailte

Saoirse sippin away part 9474930202

Bleedin' cocks everywhere nowadays

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