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Santiago Borthwick  Professional photographer, traveller, crazy about living! Based in Beijing. Booking,inquiries: Wechat: santiagoborthwick

Handsome fisherman in Qinhuangdao. He smiled when i told him he was a handsome man:).
The landscape was wastelandish, smoggy. Light was beautifull. Sea was rocky. I love those places! They have their own kind of beauty...huge ships, shipyards...

Free and awesome Lily @zheng3971 with an almost religious expression, in one of those weird places that make Beijing special.
Shot on my chamonix with foma retropan. Love this low contrast, grainy, vintage feel film. I shot it with a small beauty dish to force contrast on the film to see how it would behave. Warm toned and.. mmm .. fuzzy, i cant wait to use it for some portraits!

@chillumination. Pic shot a year ago. Smoke and shadows. Shot on fuji pro 800 with my hassy.
He is one of the talented rappers i met and shot when i got to Beijing.

Shot on an underwater canon p&s on agfa vista 200.
Summer jony. @juggler_jony
#rayban #raybans

Year old pic i took for a small chinese brand.
@ranaliuran was an amazing model to work with, understood what i asked with simple gestures, had great attitude, and posed with fluid natural movements.

Beautifull yunnan people!
Im in love with that corner of the world.
If the PCC makes good ob its threats to completely block access to outside internet ill just go to yunnan for some months before moving again to Berlin or France.

@juggler_jony sleeping peacefully. Used movements on my 4x5 to get that dreamy quality.

Another 4x5 pic of kind 陈鸿宇. Shot in an abandonned building in Beijing, i wanted to show a contrasty, silhouette like figure, with our smog on the background waiting to swallow us whole again... this image shines when viewed big, cant wait to try and print it.

Saber, shot through a moskito net on ilford 3200, with my hasselblad 205ttc.
This is a tight crop, medium format has so much leeway to edit, so much detail, texture.. i love it.

A man and his dog in Yingjiang Yunnan.
It was a bittersweet moment, the man was not used to the attention, and he was proudly showing us his place, and his dog.. but from his way of relating we could see the dog was just a tool with a purpose. He didnt look badly fed or particularly badly treated, but there was no affection. Different cultural standarts.
In any case Yunnan was amazing, beautifull.. and people were hospitable. Had amazing hosts. If you come to this corner of the world its definitely a place to explore!
Shot with my contax on fuji c200.

This was our beach escapade from beijing. Trully a tropical paradise. In an industrial area, skyes covered by coal haze from at least three big coal industries, a huge shipyard, and several processed food factories. We slept in an abandoned litle kiosk intended for a bar or something in the abandoned "beach park". It was great! Got some great shots with my 4x5 i'll be posting soon. And some very handsome fishermen with my hassy.
This was shot on velvia, desaturated a bit in post and cut to a panoramic aspect ratio. I underexposed the slide and it was way too purplish (might be my home processing too though, although the provia slide in the batch turned out ok, so i guess its the underexposition plus haze).

Hot club's bass player. In a reflexive moment polishing a new song.
I shot this on my 4x5, by prefocusing and waiting for him to strike the pose again where the hands would be in focus.

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