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Santa Fe Photography Workshops  The premier educational resource for photographers of all levels and every style. Tag #santafeworkshops to share your experience

Thinking back to Andrew Hetherington's Workshop "Environmental Portraiture and Location Lighting". Students had the opportunity to shoot on the field and behind the scenes at a Santa Fe Fuego baseball game. Photo by Course Coordinator Bailey Dale (@baileydale) #santafeworkshops #santafefuego

Join Elizabeth Opalenik (@elizabethopalenik) in San Miguel de Allende from October 4-9 for her workshop "The Sensual Image". During this workshop gracious figure and dance models share their stories, and we share ours in return, practicing communication and respect for one another as we make images that softly whisper “yes.” Collaborating in small groups, participants experiment with natural lighting techniques while using props that complement their chosen subject and location.

As you expand your awareness and build on your existing skills through creative assignments, Elizabeth Opalenik offers her own experiential insights during model sessions and critiques. Throughout our time together, you are given ample opportunities to utilize your new skills during group field trips around this charming city.

Images are stepping stones that bear the visual imprint of stories left behind, but good images don’t just happen. Quite often our best work lies just beyond our greatest failures. In this workshop's uniquely supportive environment, you learn to transform those failures into fuel for forging new ideas and exploring new paths. #santafeworkshops

Check out a few of the incredible images made during Joe Pugliese's (@joepug) workshop "The Editorial Portrait" at #santafeworkshops

Picture yourself in San Miguel de Allende, capturing the beauty of a colonial city and its inhabitants by employing the magical possibilities of digital infrared photography. With Laurie Klein's guidance, you discover the ins and outs of a tool that can be used to create photographs of tremendous depth and drama.

Laurie leads daily photographic excursions through San Miguel, where participants are given the opportunity to create portraits, convey a photographic story using models, and explore street photography by capturing images of urban environments and the people who populate them.

Be prepared to master the rules of infrared so you can go out and break them. Come with an open, fun-loving, curious mind and leave with a new set of skills for making unforgettable emotionally resonant images. Sign up for Laurie's Workshop in San Miguel de Allende today while there is still time! #santafeworkshops

Just a few spots left in Tony Corbell's workshops "Crafting Light". The workshop runs from July 30 to August 4, don't miss this incredible workshops! #santafeworkshops
Light is the single most important ingredient in creating photographs with impact. Exciting applications of light make it possible to transform the mundane into the magnificent. Tony Corbell's workshop is designed for photographers seeking a broad understanding of artificial lighting techniques in order to achieve greater control over their images. Tony will guide participants with a high-energy, fun-filled approach to the technical side of photography while keeping a close watch on the creative side as well.
Check out these images from a few of the participants of Tony's last lighting workshop. Photographers in order are Thong Phan, Leanne Hansen, Hao Nguyen, and Julia Pierce.

Maggie Taylor ( is here teaching her workshop "The Creative Digital Collage". Her process takes time and patience but is filled with creativity and experimentation. Yesterday she shared her own collages for students to study. To see these beautiful images in real life head over to Photo Eye Gallery (@photoeye_gallery) to see her exhibition "A tale begun in other days" which will be on display until Sept 9th. #santafeworkshops

Travel and Leisure (@travelandleisure) just named San Miguel de Allende the 2017 world's top city.
Located in the historic, central highlands of Mexico, San Miguel offers a gracious and safe environment for exploring the culture of this vibrant town while pursuing your creativity and personal style in workshops. Since 2001, La Posada de la Aldea, an enchanting hotel complex just blocks from San Miguel's historic central plaza, has been home base, with our administration and operations offices, three classrooms, a restaurant, and comfortable accommodations for our travelers. La Aldea's extensive grounds—featuring gardens, fountains, a swimming pool, and secluded courtyards—provide a stimulating setting for your photographic discoveries. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see the whole video on San Miguel and many other amazing videos.

Directed and Edited by Wes Sheridan (@funkyyakattack)

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Just 3 spots lefts! With more than a decade of experience in the travel industry, Krista Rossow(@kristarossow) uses her discerning eye to shape compelling visual stories at National Geographic Traveler magazine. Under her seasoned guidance, learn how to take your images beyond the postcard while having experiences that go beyond the surface. #santafeworkshops

Repost from our assistant studio coordinator Kevin Zansler (@kevinzansler) Joe Pugliese (@joepug) giving a demo last week in the studio for his workshop "The Editorial Portrait" at #santafeworkshops

Have you seen the latest video in our Inspiration series? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch the whole video of Andrew Eccles(@eccles) along with many other inspirational videos from #santafeworkshops instructors.
Directed and Edited by Wes Sheridan(@funkyyakattack)

Repost from one of our instructors Jennifer Spelman (@jennifer_spelman) "A shift in focus, the dip of a hat, the opening of an aperture. The quick choices made during the creation of a portrait are subtle, but often become the difference between a snapshot and a true portrait." Join her from July 16-21 for her workshop "Photographing People" and spend your days practicing how to make portraits with impact.

Do you want to learn about Infrared Photography? Check out our up coming workshop in Mexico by infrared master Laurie Klein. The workshop is titled "Creative infrared and the female form" and runs from 9/27 - 10/2 in San Miguel de Allende. #santafeworkshops

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