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Santa Fe Photography Workshops  The premier educational resource for photographers of all levels and every style. Tag #santafeworkshops to share your experience


Congratulations to our Summer Vacation contest winners! Workshops Director Reid Callanan (@reidcallanan) reviewed a wide range of almost 500 photographs and chose 30 award-winning images. We congratulate all the winners, and we thank one and all for sharing their images. Here are the winning photographs from grand prize to third prize. We will be sharing honorable mentions over the next few weeks. To see all the winning images visit our contest winners gallery on our website. #santafeworkshops
Photographers in order -
Grand Prize - Gurbuz Umit Okan, Istanbul, Turkey
First Prize - Dale Niles (@daleniles), Fayetteville, GA
Second Prize - Sandy Sugawara (@sandy_sugawara), Potomac, MD
Third Prize - Joe Puglisi (@joevango999), New Paltz, NY

Today’s digital cameras offer endless creative opportunities—but only if you know how to use them. Whether you recently acquired your first digital camera or have owned one for a few years, this workshop empowers you to take control of its features and advance your skills.

Designed like a hands-on user manual, this workshop provides you with the knowledge essential to explore all the capabilities of the digital camera. Brandon (@brandonjohnsonphoto) patiently guides participants through the variables of aperture, shutter speed, and the various settings and shooting modes. We learn how to incorporate these tools with different lenses, and explore techniques of composition and lighting in order to create more interesting and powerful images. Mornings are devoted to lectures, discussions, and critiques of the previous day’s work. Afternoons will be spent shooting a variety of subjects with a more mindful eye.

This promises to be an exciting five days of mastering the basics of digital photography and cultivating our creativity in an energetic and supportive atmosphere. By the workshop’s end, participants have acquired a solid understanding of manual mode on their camera, and return home with a collection of images that reflect their new expertise. #santafeworkshops

If there were a musical equivalent to photography, it would probably be songwriting—and portraiture would be like playing your song to a live audience with only an acoustic guitar. By its nature portraiture is stripped down and intimate, designed to get at the heart and soul of a subject's inner state of being.

This workshop with Kurt Iswarienko (@kurtiswarienko) focuses on the art of creating portraits with a heightened sense of emotional resonance. Through simple and practical instruction, Kurt —a noted celebrity portrait photographer and film director—leads participants through an exploration the lighting and composition techniques, as well as the philosophical decision making, that set the stage for cinematic portraits.

Kurt guides participants through in-depth, hands-on demonstrations of these tools of the trade, often using equipment from his own collection for a very personal glimpse into his process. Each day consists of a morning lecture addressing a vital component of cinematic portraiture and an afternoon assignment, where students make their own portraits based on the principles discussed earlier in the day

Special emphasis is placed on continuous lighting instruments, lens choices, and different camera formats, and we look at ways in which various options can influence the creative outcome of a portrait. #santafeworkshops

The fine print represents, to me, an expressive object of beauty and excellence. The difference between a very good print and a fine print is quite subtle and difficult, if not impossible, to describe in words. There is a feeling of satisfaction in the presence of a fine print - and uneasiness with a print that falls short of optimum quality.
- Ansel Adams, The Print

The definitive, masterwork of photography is the print. A master print is defined by its presence and is created by the articulation of tones and a quality of light. This presence results from authentic vision, elegant workflow, and processing skills that enable an artist to breath uniqueness, spirit, and life into a print. This is the giant leap beyond a two-dimensional photograph to a multi-dimensional image that draws the viewer into it and transmits what the artist felt when making the photograph.
Master photographer and popular teacher, George DeWolfe— himself a student of Ansel Adams, Minor White, and Dr. Richard Zakia—developed the framework for this workshop over 30 years. The workflow and tools Memphis Barbree (@memphisbarbree) shares with you have been crafted from an artistic lineage of classic, photographic practice and adapted to the current age of digital printing. Memphis covers the perceptual and technical skills necessary to achieve a master black-and-white photographic print. Participants spend four days practicing their printing skills using the powerful tools in Photoshop and Lightroom.
This workshop is about more than printing—it’s about the relationship of light, artistic authenticity, and presence. Our perceptual abilities must be finely tuned and continually honed. As artists and photographers, we are the channels through which a master print finds its way into being. #santafeworkshops

Check out a few amazing behind the scenes shots from Michael Crouser's (@michaelcrouserphoto) workshop "The Western Portrait". Photographs from Course Coordinator Bailey Dale (@baileydale) #santafeworkshops

We are excited to have Jeff Lipsky (@jefflipsky) back to teach his workshop "The Editorial Portrait" from March 18 - 23, 2018
Check out a few of the incredible images made during Jeff's last workshops at #santafeworkshops
Photographers in order are Andrea Turner, Becky Hale, Mark Motichek, Anne Sophie Heist, Gil Hidalgo, Curtis Worthy, Allison Emerick, Jasmin Shah, Rebekah Greenberg, and Vera Franceschi

Take your visual storytelling skills to the next level by combining audio, video, and stills to enhance your photo story. In this five-day workshop, Deanne Fitzmaurice guides and inspires you as you create short multimedia videos that tell a story about some aspect of life in Santa Fe.

Deanne Fitzmaurice (@deannefitzmaurice) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning documentary photographer and filmmaker. This San Francisco-based photographer is most known for her unique ability to go behind the scenes to discover and convey personal, intimate and emotional stories through images. Deanne, a Nikon (@nikonusa) Ambassador, is represented in a wide variety of well-respected outlets, including @sportsillustrated @espn , and @natgeo. In addition to her editorial work, Deanne is highly decorated storyteller who often collaborates with non-profits and foundations and also holds an impressive portfolio of commercial photography with a myriad of major brands.

Join Deanna at #santafeworkshops March 11 to 16, 2018 for her workshops " Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling"

The artistic process isn't something that exists only when you are behind the camera; there are multiple factors that influence creation, starting with the cultivation of ideas and extending to the final stages of execution.

Join Claire Rosen as she offers practical advice that spans the entirety of the photographic process during her workshop "Imaginarium: The Process Behind the Pictures". Participants arrive already comfortable with the technical aspects of photography, ready to create content-rich imagery that pushes their photography to the next level.

From the simplest idea to the most fantastical, we delve into all aspects of the creative process: brainstorming techniques, concept development, pre-visualization, pre-production, problem solving, and execution steps, including practical tools and methods for overcoming obstacles and achieving success. #santafeworkshops

Join Reid Callanan(@reidcallanan), founder and director of Santa Fe Photographic Workshops #santafeworkshops, for an evening of conversation and images focused on the joy and wonder of living a photographic life in the world of photo education. For 42 years Reid has immersed himself in creative photographic communities in Maine and New Mexico that hold high the value of craft, vision and inspiration. The power of photography coupled with the life-changing workshop environment has taken Reid on memorable journeys to San Miguel de Allende, Cuba and Japan as well as offered him fascinating experiences with many of the world’s best photographers. In his presentation he’ll share personal stories and what he has learned about the creative photographic process. It’s bound to be an enjoyable and insightful evening.

This lecture is co-hosted with Texas Photographic Society (@texasphotosociety).

Our Season in San Miguel de Allende has begun! This weeks workshops are "Photographing the people and culture of Mexico" with Jennifer Spelman(@jennifer_spelman) and "The poetry of perception: A master class" with Keith Carter(@keithcarter.art). #santafeworkshops
Photo by: Lisa Cates (@lisacates)

This is the land that inspired photographers and painters such as Ansel Adams, Elliott Porter, Laura Gilpin, Paul Strand, and Georgia O’Keeffe. With Tony as your knowledgeable guide, through field experiences and digital lab practice, you explore your own creativity, expand your visual skills, and enhance your understanding of the photographic process, from capture to print. #Santafeworkshops

A professional photographer in New Mexico for more than 24 years, Tony Bonanno (@bonannophoto)shares his in-depth knowledge of the land and its peoples in this five-day photographic adventure. For the first three days, we are based an hour north of Santa Fe at the comfortable Cliff River Springs family ranch, located in the heart of Northern New Mexico’s visual treasures. Vast horizons, deep river gorges, red rock formations, volcanic cinder cones, historic villages, and local artisans provide a richly rewarding array of subject matter.

Submit today to our "Summer Vacation" photo contest, the Deadline to enter is this Thursday September 28th!
The Grand Prize is a workshop of your choice in Santa Fe at #santafeworkshops
Check out our website for more details on how to enter today. Photographers in order Patrick Tehan, Carolina Sanchez-Monge, Cynthia Wood, David Mayhew, and Mary Hobbs

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