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Cathy Balbuena  an expression of the infinite consciousness manifested in a multidimensional vibration

Thankful for your loyalty and unconditional love. You were a constant reminder that life isn’t all that hard, you just gotta have fun, eat good, sleep well, keep smiling and keep loving. I was truly blessed to have the highest of vibrations exuding from your little body shared with me at the greatest times of need. Pure joy, happiness & love. Thank you for your time in my life. I couldn’t have asked for a better first dog to have owned. Rest in treats... 🐾 I love you forever Mayme girl.

One of my favorite things about traveling is getting well versed in our nation’s craft beer scene-there is so much passion, talent, flavors, & experiences within the states. Forever expanding my flavor palate. Beer makes me hoppy =)

it just is and always will be ✨
freely flowing

i just want to be where i feel at home again. so homesick for you. your energies resonate deep within my soul. in the meantime okay Universe I get it, I have more work to do before it’s time to head back.

have you ever got so lost looking into your own eyes. have you looked into your eyes and been honest with yourself lately. you know that gut wrenching feeling that you don’t even know who you’re looking at? you know that feeling of pure love because you know exactly who you are? you love who you are. looked into your eyes and feel love and strength and passion. have you looked into your eyes and told yourself “I love you.” have you looked into your eyes lately and forgiven yourself? have you learned to let go yet. have you looked into your eyes and noticed how they look like the top of a volcano and can’t help but laugh that it sums up your entire existence. a volcano dormant for years, ready to erupt. have you looked into your eyes and just get lost in yourself and everything you are. looked into your eyes and realize you are your favorite person to get lost in.

the doors are closing.... this train is departing

missing Chicago kind of not really but yeah

some kitty cats just can’t be tamed.

I’ll be okay.