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Today is ‘Wear Red Day’. Let’s show our commitment to fighting HEART DISEASE and STROKE by wearing something RED.

#WearRedDay #Gored #HeartHealth #TheHeartFoundationofJamaica

Go Red Health Heart tip of the day

Get Fit
I say get fit and not just be active because, a slow occasional walk around the house does not guarantee a healthy heart. We need at least 30 mins of a jog or brisk walk, three times per week, to claim the health benefits of activity. It also helps to stand 5 minutes out of every hour you spend sitting whether at work or home.

Remember to wear red today in support of our fight against heart disease in women. #gored #hearthealth #theheartfoundationofjamaica

Go Red Heart Health Tip of the Day: Make it Family Sized
When it comes to a heart healthy lifestyle, it is most succesful when the entire family is involed. Make the whole family join in on the healthy diet and increased fitness. A healthy family is a happy family.

GO Red Healthy Heart Tip
Get the Facts, Get the numbers

It is important to know your blood sugar levels, cholesterol level and BMI( Body Mass Index weight/Height). Visit your doctor today; being aware and in control of these figures is a prime factor in heart health. @heartfoundationja

A "Hearty" Diet
We all know the saying "Eat Hearty!" Which means having a good appetite. Let’s take this a bit further to mean eating for the good of your heart- a "Hearty Diet." Simple put this is a diet in which there is more fibre, at least five servings of fruits and vegetables, more legumes, less saturated fat otherwise known as animal fat and of course low salt or sodium. #GoRed #thegoodhealthofawoman

Remember its Go Red Week. Heart Healthy tip of the Day - Cut Bad Habits
These bad habits are: (You guessed)- cigarette smoking and excess alcohol consumption. Chemicals in cigarette are literally toxic to our blood vessels. Smoking cessation is the single best thing you could do for the health of your heart. As for alcohol, we all know a little wine has some cardiac protection but we must remember, do all things in moderation

"lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, and don't get so worked up about things"
Have a blessed day 😘😊

So happy to once again be celebrating with the Heart Foundation of Jamaica the Go Red for Women Week (May7-11). Get your tickets now for High Tea and joins us in the fight against Heart Disease. The health of a woman's heart is as vital as she is to society. Do Go Red for Women..May 7 -11. See you at High Tea May 9th. #GoRedforWomen #HeartFoundationofJamaica

#SweetJamaica 🇯🇲 ❤️

Land we Love...#JA

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