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Franz Jeremy Burget  1/3 Owner and Men's Specialist at 20th Salon and Barber💈✂️ San Francisco, CA

This is pretty tight! With the fam for graduation season. Congrats Kuini!

I wrote this song many years ago and it can be relevant to many of you now if you have any experiences with stress.

We pour out our hearts and souls to the dreams in which we wish to achieve and hope that the universe can hand us a little bit of luck... but sometimes it hands us a shit card.

In the second verse, I explain that you need to fight through the silent and resilient depression by talking to someone, whether it be a friend or foe in order to avoid any type of self injury (the violence which is mentioned in the lyrics). One of the biggest factors of depression is falling behind. We all wish we had more time in our days especially when we feel as we are doing everything to the best of our abilities. Sometimes you just need to take a step back and have a “peace of mind” instead of thinking it will be a “piece of cake”. The last verse “living a dream that’s held up for hostage” can be interpreted in many different ways. It could be about the education systems holding your degree hostage until you pay off your debts or it could be the dream life that you’d love to have if you didn’t have credit cards. We can all relate to this race of life in one way or another and say “f*ck this” and drink it all away, but instead... just take the appropriate amount of time (proper pause) to think about how much procrastinating you’ve been doing and just go harder, but with confidence that you WILL succeed (extravaganza). Close out your mind to the negativity that you can’t do something (false propaganda) and prove it to yourself that you deserve better cause you’ve earned it.

Many of your friends, family members, and even enemies are or can be depressed. Reach out and help! #mentalhealthawareness

You weren’t the perfect father but you always gave us everything you had. You were the most stubborn person I knew, but you’d always let me win every battle. You taught me what is it was to be a man and how to honor your family. We didn’t always see eye to eye but you showed me the world. You are the reason music flows through my veins and I could never repay you enough. I love you dad. Rest peacefully. 02/19/18

Hand made costumes by my amazing fiancé! #happyhalloween #moana #maui #halloween


Can't wait to come back home to celebrate our new lives together. Thank you baby for the amazing time together with your family in Oahu. I love you @justjazzyme! #benttheknee #iputaringonit #baecation2017

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Our #manlymotivation goes out to Jeremy, owner and barber at @20thsalonandbarber . With a background in cosmetology and hair styling, Jeremy believes in providing his customers with an all around awesome bang for their buck. He also has the sweetest bandana/beard combo west of the Mississippi. Check em out! .
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Just because the excuses are starting to flood... #dubnation #letsgowarriors

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