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Sandhya Mridul  Do no harm. Take no shit.

The older I get, more I love my body.
I’ve listened to it for years now.
Some days I get it.
Some days change hits & I have to start again.
Building a new relationship with it.
But I listen. &
I love.
Even when it’s in pain.
More, in fact.
Healing it patiently.
I’m comfortable with it.
It’s my strongest,
most honest relationship.
I shall cherish it.
Till it hits the ground. Running. 📸 @jaya_misra

Happy holi 💚💛❤️💙💜

Twitter par taang dikhane ke liye daat Khayi toh yahan aayi.. Kyunki..
Yahan cool loge hain 😎

The world in my eyes.

I’m cleansed of your hate
I’m abundant with my love
I stayed fluid
I stayed solid
I transitioned with every moon
my tears worked hard
I’m not the quivering heart that let you go
I’m the one that let you in


Even in darkness
there’s light inside of you
find it
Give it a voice ❤️

I needed to read this today.
Maybe somebody else does too..
Let’s keep it moving.. ❤️

Some days I type.

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