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Sandy Lee  🌶 Hot Prepper 👩🏻‍🏫 Head Mistress of Prep School 🍴 👇 I help busy go-getter gals master their meal prep so they can go from burnout to bangin' body!

I'm guilty of getting caught up in always trying to "go hard" or workout for hours doing weights and cardio in hopes of creating a higher calorie burn. In reality, when the body experiences stress in excess, especially when when that stress is coming from other sources - like life - it can lead to diminishing physiological returns and even more stress and cortisol output.⠀
This can affect our metabolism, hormone balance, digestion and energy levels. At the end of the day, more is not always better. And depending on your current circumstances, more can work directly against your goals.⠀

Came across this workout I did last year when I was in the beginning phases of setting up my home gym and had limited equipment. This will take you minimal time, space and equipment... but let me tell you, you'll feel it the next day. Grab a box/step and get moving! 10 of each exercise 3-5 rounds 💦⠀

Keeping it simple this morning with dos huevos, and a beautiful bowl of oatmeal and berries. When in doubt go back to basics and don't fear carbs or fats. Your brain and body needs them to function and grow 🍳🍓☀️⠀

Current feels. Slice slice baby 🍕 #pizzaislife

Despite what the diet industry wants you to believe, there is no linear relationship between leanness and happiness. Many people pursue a specific weight or body shape believing that once they reach it their life will magically improve.⠀
This myth is motivated by the idea that reaching a specific weight will put us in control of our body and/or other people’s perception of us, which will make us more successful or happier. ⠀
Typically when people think that happiness lies in a certain weight or shape, they make changes from a place of fear and shame. And if that weight is reached and life’s problems still exist, it’s replaced with a new goal - or a new or more extreme diet plan.⠀
The truth is, lasting happiness does not come from what your body is, it comes from what your body DOES. If you’re waiting until you reach a specific size or shape to become happy then you risk being truly happy and miss out on experiencing all that your wonderful body is capable of.⠀
I’m not saying that you can’t be happy as a result of your changing body. But it’s important to realize that lasting happiness comes from how you FEEL, and what your body is able TO DO as result of the change. ⠀
When your happiness is reliant on a specific state of being, happiness is fleeting and fluctuating because helllooo bodies CHANGE. And that’s perfectly OKAY.⠀

Thanks @lkral258 for introducing me to these! Made with only egg whites, dates, nuts and other whole foods I'm hooked. New favorite travel/emergency food. Ordered the sampler pack and excited to try them all. Have you tried these? If so, which one do you like the best?⠀

Live in the sunshine of today and not in the shadows of yesterday ☀️ #finallysomesun #piedmontpark

Bikini friendly burger boats 🍔 🍟 Cooked some lean ground beef with chili powered, garlic, onion, Parmesan cheese, salt & pepper. Add to lettuce leaves. Bake some sweet potato fries with similar spices and you've got yourself a healthy "hamburger" meal!

Each day you have the opportunity to eat in a way that either heals or harms your body. As a busy go-getter gal, it's important to keep your body fueled, nourished and at the top of your game, so that you can live out your passion and purpose. ⠀
Break up with the "All or nothing" mentality. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or take short cuts. Ain't nobody got time to be perfect. Focus on fresh vegetable & protein centered meals that are nourishing and provide you with the energy you need to succeed 🍴💪💥⠀

☀️Throw back to summer!☀️ Found this vid in my video vault from summer '16 and thought it would be a great reminder for anyone considering a new fitness regime for the spring. It doesn't have to be complicated, cost a lot of money or require a lot of fancy equipment.⠀
Doing some crazy lady functional work using the length of a tennis court. Start at one end, perform the first movement for one length, then run/walk back. Then the second movement and run/walk back. And so on... for all 10 movements:⠀
1. High knees⠀
2. Frog jumps⠀
3. Side shuffle⠀
4. Other side shuffle⠀
5. Carioca⠀
6. Other side Carioca⠀
7. Burpees⠀
8. Bear crawl forward⠀
9. Bear crawl backward⠀
10. Gorilla Jumps⠀
TIP: If you don't have a local tennis court nearby, a large room, aerobics room or quiet sidewalk/garage can work. Start slow and build your speed up as you master the movements 💪💦⠀

Break up with the diet rules & prioritize how you want to FEEL. Ask yourself "what foods will make me feel vibrant and energized in this moment??" These's nothing wrong with having fat loss goals (hello bikini season☀️👙), but when that's all your focusing on, you'll get exhausted & you WILL burnout. And that's when eating healthy isn't sustainable or fun anymore. ⠀
Instead of asking yourself if this food will "burn fat" (psssst there are NO magical fat burning foods!), ask yourself 3 questions:⠀
1️⃣ What does my body feel like eating in this moment?⠀
2️⃣ Will these foods energize me?⠀
3️⃣ Is it nourishing for my body and mind?⠀

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