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Family time. The most important. Happy Easter, Passover - or just Monday. Whatever you do or don’t celebrate. 🌸🐣

Didn’t update or reply for a week which I reckon is a first. I often feel compelled to always be available, but in order to reset and feel inspired again I reckon a break is needed sometimes. I’m still trying to figure out how to do this, so it feels authentic to me moving forward, but for now I’ll start by posting this photo from my parents garden. I’m currently under construction 🌼

reklame | Spring picks from @nellycom 🌸 full video on my YT now. #nellycom

Basic. Recently my style has gone back to that.
For a while I felt the pressure of always wearing something new and ‘instagram friendly’ (lol it comes with the job guys, I know it sounds ridic). However, now I just want to wear things that make me feel good and go easily together - things I won’t tire off or that won’t loose their fit after a single wash. Things I can wear again and again, so that they over time can accumulate stories and memories.
It’s a balance doing what I do - obviously I want to show something new now and then, so that things dont get boring but I also want it to be real. And I personally believe in rewearing good basics alot. It’s a constant dance between realistic and newsworthy, between budget-friendly and desireable. Between accessible and sustainable. ❣️

I find myself at crossroads. Once I was so clear on what I wanted, but what happens your priorities and dreams change? It’s certainly not a bad thing, I believe in learning growing and I also believe in changing your mind. Change it all you want. Don’t ever stay stuck somewhere because it’s ‘what you’ve always done’. Don’t settle for comfortable and always know that it’s okay to change.
It’s still scary, overwhelming and sometimes lonely to feel yourself change. At least that’s how I’ve felt. But I’ve come to realize that it’s also beautiful and absolutely necessary to evolve in this life.

reklame | where I’d rather be

Looking to mi amor @sol.parga

Please don’t let me down ❣️


I’ve got monsters still under my bed that I could never fight off ❣️

reklame | frozen lemonade in the afternoon sun 🇪🇸🍋

Who am I? Were am I going? The inevitable questions that spring to life for so many of us around the early 20’s. It’s like we’re trying to decide this, whilst we still don’t have a clue. Add in the pressure from society, our peers and everything around is to ‘conform’ and try to navigate through all this whilst maintaining a sense of self - a self we don’t even know that well yet.

I have such growing pains lately, because it’s difficult to evolve so quick you no longer feel like your old self or like you even know her. It’s hard to be standing on the edge of the unknown, but knowing in your heart that there is a void that must be filled. I’m not sure with what yet, but I intend to find out.

For the next few days I will breathe in the sun and just try to exist and be happy with that now. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not in 5 weeks from now. Because when you think about it now is all we have, right? 🌼(Can anyone guess what book I’m currently Reading that prompts this last paragraph?)

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