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Sandra  Kindness is never a weakness 🌺

You make the simple things fun, the hard things easier and the awkward things funnier. Thank you for being one of the absolute best things to happen to my life! I never knew I needed a friendship like ours...but laying in bed watching music videos while you playing with my hair is the best part about it lol HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY BABYGIRL!! I love you! ❤️😍 #NoWeAreNotDating lol

When people know you as his "future ex baby mama" 🙄

Congrats to my bestieeeeeeeee Mike on becoming a future physical therapist. Yassssss bihhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️

Best date a girl could have ❤️

Got to watch @Blackviolin bring life back to me tonight with some Vivaldi and some hip-hop! An incredible show! 🖤🎻 #BlackViolinUnity #dirtyorchestra

The most expensive photo booth ever but my goodness y'all.....look at my bestie 😍

Wishing this special lady an amazing 24th birthday!!! I've had many of my hardest and longest laughs ever thanks to her and her obnoxious (but somehow I enjoy it) laughs 😂 I've never met anyone crazier than me and then I met her lol You're a wildcard and I love you so much for it ❤️ #welationship

Happy 25th birthday to my sister! I just wanted to let you know how much I look up to you. You’ve done an outstanding job being true to who you are and yet I don’t even know one person who hates you. That itself deserves recognition. You embody what it means to be confident, selfless, kind-hearted and of course smart. You've accomplished so many incredible things over the years and trust me when I say that your hard work does not go unnoticed! You make me so proud to be your sister! I can’t wait until you’re back home so I can bother you. Please stay...forever. I want to annoy you...forever. Love you and miss you already! See you in May! ❤️😊

Happy 25th birthday to my seester! Let me just start by saying that my heart is so full that you are fulfilling one of your dreams! You spoke it into existence! It's insane to think that we're not actually sisters...because we always seem to say the same things at the same time! You’re so crazy that sometimes after an hour with you I like to go into hiding LOL It’s also that craziness that taught me how to be bold and to stand up for myself, even if it means sometimes standing up to you. But that just means you’ve done your job well (: Thank you for taking care of me since Brenda left to college. I’m grateful for you. All the countless things you’ve been through, one thing I love about you is how you never give up. The average person would have given up at the first obstacle but you’ve proven time and time again that nothing can get in your way. Continue to be passionate and never stop reaching for what you love. I can’t wait to see what else on your bucket list you’ll be crossing off as you make your way to your dirty thirty! Be safe and have fun in Ireland! Chug a beer for me! Love you!! 💜 #wcw

The past two winters with my baby have been the best winters yet 💕 #darthvader #mybodyisntshort #imjustsitting #smhLOL

The smartest, sassiest and cutest little human ever just turned 2! I love you and your auntie so much! Y'all are my little make me happy when skies are grey 💕

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