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Europe's nature is probably one of the fewest of things that can make me feel so relaxed and at peace🍂

"Happy" don't you smile when you hear this word? I do☺️💪🏼ما تبتسمون من تسمعون كلمة "سعادة"؟ #swizterland Photo by: @lowisahi

We shouldn't define our worlds in black and white because there's so much hiding amongst the greys #inlovewithswitzerland #bern #madeinbern @myswitzerlandar @madeinbern @schweizerhof_be Photo by: @lowisahi

Never let the fear of falling keep you from reaching the top. #mydubai | @pixelville @portraitville

Why go on bus and train rides when you can use your feet to walk and discover new things and new places on your own #inlovewithswitzerland #gstaad #comeupslowdown #glacier3000 @myswitzerlandar @gstaad_pr @diablerets

The story behind this picture is a great one. As windy and dangerous as it was during that day, I pushed myself and forced myself to cross this 3000 meters high bridge bending between 2 little mountains. I was extremely proud to say that I did this, I reached the top and saw the world with my own eyes. It's such a crazy thing to say and even crazier to experience. Everyone deserves to see how beautiful nature is. I was proud that day... I still am and always will be💪🏼#inlovewithswitzerland #gstaad #comeupslowdown #glacier3000 @myswitzerlandar @gstaad_pr @diablerets #3000metershigh #ialmostdied photo by: @lowisahi

🌲 S T R E E T V I B E S 🌲

Missing you already 🇨🇭

As my hair flies in the air, and the sun shines bright, I always make sure I live the moment and forget about everything else, because what you'll remember with your own brain is much more powerful than pictures and videos #inlovewithswitzerland #bern #madeinbern @myswitzerlandar @madeinbern @schweizerhof_be

All the mountains we visited, the villages we went to and the wonderful people we meet everyday inspire me so much. 📷 #inlovewithswitzerland #myinterlaken #vjmoments @myswitzerlandar @myinterlaken @victoriajungfrau photo by: @lowisahi

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