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No palm faces when with these ones

Bundle of love & bundle of clothes that don’t keep you from becoming a mosquito bite Sams

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Really not fine with this becoming a long distance thing again 💘💔🤦🏾‍♀️

Hbd my love 💘💘💘 we might be stuck in different decades of our lives now but you’re forever badly photoshopped in my heart 💘💘

This post is dedicated to the fact that @psychicninja and I are the same age and therefore equally wise and great. You can most obviously read that in our poetic poses and if it wasn’t for the our minds representing dramatic and deep setting you could see all the sorrow wrinkles that have developed in our faces in the past 19 lapses we’ve had around the sun together.

This is me 7 years ago. My life has changed a lot in the past 7 years. I made it through puberty, I started becoming socially active, went vegetarian and then vegan, travelled, got my Highschool diploma and started applying for universities to build my future. Those 7 years had their ups and downs, but overall I was very blessed.
7 years ago the war in Syria started and every single day ever since children have been exposed to unspeakable pain, experiencing displacement, hunger, bombs, hunger and deaths of their loved ones. 1/4 of the civilian deaths are children under the age 18 and UNICEF estimates that 2/3 of Syrian children have lost a close family member, experienced their house being damaged or have been wounded in the conflict. It’s not possible estimate how many children have been traumatized.
This war needs to stop and I challenge you to look back on your past seven years and check out the link in my bio on how to support children in Syria and get active!
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Mo-Di Kinderrechte || Mi-Do Klimawandel || Fr-Sa Kirschwasser || & den Sonntag allein den Kardashians 🍑
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Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it! 🌞 @fikrisaad as Mr. Sunshine #coyreminisce

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