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Sandra Bernhard  The Official Sandra Bernhard Comedian, Actress, Author, Personality, & Singer

My sister @Kchenoweth she is a multi faceted diamond shining bright in #Sandyland love this lady @radioandysxm

FamousFatherGirl @leonardbernsteinofficial the life and times of our greatest composer through the eyes of JamieBernstein #Sandyland shining bright @radioandysxm

My friend @zacharyQuinto #ZQ getting down to business in #Sandyland that’s right kids @radioandysxm

My friend and brilliant @nytimes culture writer #daveitzkoff talking about his new book #Robin about the life of Robin Williams #Sandyland @radioandysxm by the way vote for @cynthiaenixon for NY Gov

The marvelous @mylifeondietplay Renee Taylor brings the legendary show biz pizazz in #Sandyland Monday @radioandysxm

Riding the M train with the #Carters Salud they’ve got my back #Sandyland now @radioandysxm

Love that someone caught a picture of me shooting a promo for my Asbury Park show clever!

Happy birthday to my sweet friend @mrcheyennejackson a real mensch and great talent love you! X san

Time capsule Thursday #GrouchyWaitress #FollowThatBird classic!

She is #Supetwoman @melissabenoist starring in @Beautifulonbroadway and @Supergirl she’s smart thoughtful and makes her own coffee #Sandyland Thursday @radioandysxm

Olympic swimmer model @caseylegler brings her new memoir to #Sandyland Godspeed an authentic journey through a remarkable life @radioandysxm

Thanks to my delightful friends @orlakiely a fresh summer breeze! Always delicious @CookShop