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I got on a 6 am flight this morning from LA so I could spend Yom Kippur with my family @gavbellino #6thstshul may you all have an easy fast and be inscribed in the book of life equality for everyone and please #stopkavanaugh

These are friends you make on @radioandysxm @bevysmith it’s been a nonstop happening for three years thank you for the best time ever @bravoandy I couldn’t do it without my erstwhile producer @lmantineo we keep elevating the conversation #Sandyland aren’t you glad!

Just as gorgeous in real life #DominicWest star of #the affair in a new film #Colette a class act #Sandyland baby @radioandysxm

During the high holidays no one is more delightful in #sandyland than the brilliant @jewdygold my soul sister @radioandysxm

Get up get out vote! @cynthianixon for governor!

A little bit of bragging on Rosh Hashanah cicely whipped up a batch of rugalach oy! Kvelling! L’Shana Tovah kids

By the way @serenaWilliams doesn’t need coaching in the middle of a match she’s a class act and it’s on to the next championship #24 next!

They took down my nude of Burt! Here is is sexy bubbly the best we miss you baby #BurtReynolds they don’t make em like that no more!

My darling @robertverdi who is not only brilliant but gives 100% of himself everyday he’s funny too love him like crazy #Sandyland Thursday @radioandysxm

Tomorrow night kids super fun my @matchgameabc debut bookended by my darling @macantone and @theoliverhudson of course @alecbaldwininsta is next level watch tomorrow night!

My friend @butlerharner star of #Ozark brilliant eclectic actor bringing it all to #Sandyland fab @radioandysxm