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Sandra Bernhard  The Official Sandra Bernhard Comedian, Actress, Author, Personality, & Singer

She’s just terrific #RuthWilson is a force of nature from stage to screen heartbreaking nuanced beautiful she gave it up in #Sandyland fresh @radioandysxm

Our divine #QueenIOfSoul shattering the universe with the clarion call of your magnificent voice thank you Aretha for late night jam sessions long drives dance parties AM radio revelations there will never be another who will come close to the times you inhabited and the authenticity you encompassed farewell incredible Lady

Yes darling! @revwon #justinesimmons bringing it #allabouttheWashingtons @netflix frank real inspired #Sandyland @radioandysxm by the way they love @jhonimarchinko honey!

Funny gorgeous incredibly talented @fullyrosebyrne radiant in #Sandyland @radioandysxm

My brilliant friend @marisaacocella is back in #Sandyland where she belongs! @radioandysxm

What a delight #guyPearce came to #Sandyland with a beautiful album #theNomad filled with raw emotion huge talent lovely person @radioandysxm

glamour for all the kids @bjz_nyc @scottallgauer @ricardoantonio22

Exciting news my dear friend @jakeshears has a smashing new album hitting today not to be missed

Somebody feed Phil! Just no b s he’s fun and smart @Phil.rosenthal we love him in #Sandyland la @radioandysxm

#Bookworms #MichaelSilverblatt drinking his last Diet Coke in #Sandyland @kcrw a truly brilliant person @radioandysxm

She’s totally unreal! Funny crafty fabulous love this lady @constancezimmer we had a ball in #Sandyland LA baby @radioandysxm

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