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Sandra Bernhard  The Official Sandra Bernhard Comedian, Actress, Author, Personality, & Singer

Kids get over to #2018GoldenProbes @thestormydaniels @margaret_cho and me! A hilarious satirical show raising awareness about what’s a stake in the mid term elections essential!

Her new album #BiggerPicture takes in the landscape of heartbreak and redemption @ritawilson delivers a poetic beauty she’s a groovy lady I like her in #Sandyland you will too @radioandysxm

#SheWantsIt @jillsoloway is toppling the patriarchy it’s a tough gig but someone has to do it! Read their new book for details #Sandyland revolution @radioandysxm

#Sandyland live @thewallisbh then @joespub I want you there I need you there!

Purple Reign @therevolution @wigmusic on tour keeping the spirit alive #Princes brilliant band talking about evolution of funk soul and rock the music lives on #Sandyland Thursday @radioandysxm

Fame @_justinebateman_ been there in her thoughtful new book she analyses it brilliantly @famethebook buy it now #Sandyland Thursday @radioandysxm

All things bright and beautiful @nathanleegraham rocking Sondheim and so much more #Sandyland baby @radioandysxm

Director writer actress #PollyDraper keeping it real in #Sandyland @radioandysxm don’t miss her new film #Stellaslastweekend

Another brilliant breakdown of women’s reproductive health @lizzwinstead #ladypartsjustice now more than ever let’s keep women’s autonomy intact #Sandyland we ain’t messing around! @radioandysxm join us for the #goldenprobes2018

If it’s Monday it must be @wednesdaymartinphd setting the stage with her must read new book #Untrue breaking down the myths about lust infidelity and women timely subjects brilliantly explored #Sandyland moving on up @radioandysxm

This is the face of the Republican Party hang your head in shame @sensusancollins how dare you! Turn on your sisters! Wake up Maine vote this terrible woman out! Tacky spineless out of touch by the way who are those two dour broads behind you the waspy Supremes with no style or sense of fun Gross!

Tonight! #Studio54 @tyrnauer latest documentary never made it there but I danced in my dreams

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