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Sandra Bullock  I also have another page for you who loves Once Upon a time too! Go there and follow to amazing pics of Lana! @lqueenfc

Hey there! Follow this new and future amazing account @lqueenfc for you who lover Once Upon a Time and @lparrilla

Snady is beautiful! #sandrabullock love u!

Sandy win the Hotness of the Guys Choice Awards!! She deserve it! Hehehe #sandrabullock

Guuuys!! U dont know what heppans...i was at my ballet classes and someone take my cellphone and throw away...i was so sad cus my cellbbroke completly, and my insta and all my sandy pics was father promess me that will gave me another one, but i cant use my insta in this time, im here from his ipad, but he travel a lot whith this, so i wont be posting amost antthing this months! Im really sad...but please stay with me! I scared it loose more followers..... :/ Whatever, Sandy was stuning yesterday!!! >At AFI< #sandrabullock

I hear rumoooorrss!! Guys, firstly, Id like to apologize because and didnt post in a few days. My celphone had a proplem and i couldnt see any photos or post something. But i saw all your posts (thank for post) and im in what happens!
If Sandy its really whith Chris, i'll be so happy! Cus if she is happy im happy too. Its one more man ro make her happy ( the first one its Louis). I dream every time with she dating again, i know that she dont need a man to make her happy but...will be so cool!!! I really dont like rumors, cus its hers privacity,but.....IM SO CURIOS TO KNOW THE TRUTH AND HAPPY!! I SHIP THEY WHATEVER THW RESULTS! I LOVE #chrisevans AND I LOVE MY QUEEN B #sandrabullock
Lets make a name for they to like: keandra or ryandra...or something like that. Please comment what do you think!

Sandy and little Louis yesterday >05.18.14< visiting the aquarium! Sandy is the best, and she was beuty omg! And look at Louis face! "Mom, its taking our pic!" Hehehe
*QOTE: What do u think about the cope in Brazil?
#sandrabullock #louisbullock

My queen B. And the gala event Make it Right. Omg, how beuty she is! Thank God, she appear! Well, I was of for sometime on insta, i'm really sorry, i will start over my faniston and i'll dedicate more myself for Sandy, she deserve it and for u guys. I stop winning followers and i'm really sad. Id like to start and friendly ship whit u guys, so... My name its Claire, and id like to know your names too... I love u so much!
#sandrabullock #piccollage #makeitright

Hey guys, i feel really sad right, i didnt post a lor anymore, but i still love Sandy. But, i see all your pics and i will post all news, the sad thing its that dont have much news, thats why i'm not posting... anyway.... that was outside Louis school at May 9! Credits to: @sandra_annette_bullock

I cant say how much i live this movie! I'm watching right for the 10000000 time!!! I love this! She was too perf on this! #sandrabullock

This movie its soo perfect! I really want to see it again and again! She is so beauty in this, and have really funny parts... i love it!
Guys lets vote have few days until the #mtvmovieawards so lets #votesandrabullock and #voteforher !!! #sandrabullock #instalike

God! It's too perfect for me! I want to scream every time i see her beauty face!
A little question to u bullocker...where was that? Comment if u know! I'll post the answer latter (i hope all of u know hun! Hahah)

Do u know what day its today? Well, for us, a terrible day, Monday. But for Sandy a day with two special things: one of those, is that have 9 years that she get in of the Fame Street, and also have 14 years that her mom died. I hope that she is not sad, cus i'm sure that Sandy's mom died knoing that she is spacial. So lets ive force to sandy, to her comemorate this day reminding the good thing that she live with her mother, and riminding THE good thing that she live without her! Let's go Bullockers! #sandrabullock #votesandrabullock #instalike

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