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You know what they say about a cat with big paws… they have large prey. Happy #Caturday.
Tiger’s have large and strong front paws that they use to bring down their prey.
They also keep their claws sharp by retracting them as they walk and scratching them on trees. (Photo by: Deric Wagner)

Estrella is still working on her manners. 😋 #nonapkins #slowfood #slothnation (photo by Deric Wagner)

When you just can't seem to get comfy... 😠 #primateproblems #sweetdreams #sandiego (video by Liz Sauer)

Due partly to its very small range in Madagascar, the red-ruffed lemur is one of the world’s most endangered primates. We’ve had a long history with the species, dating back to the 1960s. Click the link in our bio to learn more and meet the #lemur pros coming to Africa Rocks this summer. #SDZooAfricaRocks #endextinction

Ever been flipped the tapir? These primitive large mammals have been around for 20 million years and have changed very little. #saycheese #smilemore #mondaymotivation (📷: Deric Wagner)

The weekend forecast calls for rain, so take a lesson from Bai Yun and grab your umbrella! No crowds and unusual animal activity make rainy day visits totally worth it. 🐼☔️ (photo: Mollie Rivera)

An unusual species has moved into the giant anteater exhibit near Skyfari West. Hint: They are a type of monogamous rodent. 🤔 #WhatisitWednesday #powercouple #relationshipgoals #animaltrivia

Get your gerenooki on this #ValentineDay 💋❤ (photo: Deric Wagner)

That face you make when ‪#Caturday‬ sneaks up on you. 😾 (photo: Deric Wagner)

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive. — Dalai Lama ❤ #wordsofwisdom #throwback #klipspringerkisses (📷: Ion Moe)

When the world seems out of balance, consider the fact that male #pandas often perform “handstands” to leave scent marks. A handstand gets a panda’s rear end higher up the tree, and the panda with the highest scent mark is obviously the biggest—or at least the tallest. Scent marking enables these lovable bears to detect the sex, age, reproductive condition, social status, and even individual identity of others. 🐼❤ #turnthatfrownupsidedown #pandapandapanda #waybackWu #WuWednesday (📷: Mollie Rivera)

Galápagos tortoises tend to lead a peaceful, lazy life that centers on eating, relaxing in the sun, or wallowing in puddles. They amble along at an astonishing 0.16 miles per hour. #lifegoals #tortoisetuesday #spiritanimal #slowandsteadywinstherace