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Sandev J.L. Mackoon  🔹️@islandfit_tt 🇹🇹 🔹️I am the #Macklord, also #sandevfromislandfittt 🔹️BA Managment Year 2 (1 more to go)📚 🔹️K.A.B.S 💗💗💗❤❤ #teammacklord.

Pay no attention to my head, instead look at my timbs.
Also Swipe left For An Even Better Photo.
Taken about two weeks ago.
Credit to @alic_xoxo for taking the photo.

The Caption Is Soo Legitimate💯
That its actually quite painful to admit😣
However, we use those emotions as fuel to push past our comfort zone and make those changes✊
To everyone who was bodyshamed about being over weight, or even underweight, i hope you're out there kicking ass and making gains.
As The Man Who Taught Me The Way Of The Gains Would Say: "SHOW ME YUH BADMIND!!✊✊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊
Credits to @gymmemesofficial

Well its Back/Deadlift day. After a full month in the gym, i decided to test the foundation building routines, and see how far i can push myself. Below enlist my routine today.
🔹️Cardio - 45 mins, 450 calories.
🔹️Deadlift 10 × 3,
🔹️Deadlift 6 × 3
🔹️Deadlift 3 x 2, and 2 × 1 (Normally, I wouldnt go this heavy, of this low rep range)
🔹️Lat Pull down 10 × 4
🔹️Seated Rows 10 × 4
🔹️Single Arm Cable Row. 10 × 4
🔹️Bent Over T-Bar Row 10 × 3.

Little DISCLAIMER: I am no Athlete, not a powerlifter, no bodybuilder or strongman. I am not a trainer people do not pay me for advice nor do i give any unless asked.
I am however just a guy that likes to hit the gym and push his body. With that being said, currently my aim is to lose body fat, using a caloric deficit, cardio and challanging lifts.
#Deadlifts #405deadlift
#backworkout #beltlessdeadlift #latpulldown
#sandevfromislandfittt #MackLord

Out with Bae. Little Lunch Date.
@alic_xoxo , your face lights up when you see food. #teammacklord

I waited all week to Squat lol🙂.
As much as I like Squat Cages, and i think they are Ultra Utilitarian.
The Squat Rack has a legacy like no other, it allows you have that unadulterated feel of power and control. Knowing that the only thing standing in between the weight on your back and floor is you, no safety gaurds, no rods, full depth all you.
My leg work out today
🔹️Squat 10 × 3 (light to moderate). 🔹️Squat again, 6 x 3 (moderate to heavy)
🔹️MC Squats again 3 x 3 as much as you could. 🔹️Leg Extension 10 × 4 (pause at the top)
🔹️Lying Leg Curls 10 × 4 🔹️Inner thing 10 × 4(ultra slow controlled reps)
🔹️Leg Press (i like oldschool movements) heavy weight, reps till failure, 4 to 5 sets.
Lastly 🔹️Calves Raises Seated and Standing super set 6(3 each) x 10

Shoulders: just a snippet of what my shoulder routine for the past 3 weeks. Its kinda tough for me, but I have seen some progress in strength and size😏. And Yes i am a Fat Boy😎
🔹️Seated Bumbell Shoulder Press: 12,10, 8, 6. Increasing weight. 🔹️Side Laterals: 10 × 4 moderate 🔹️Bumbell Single Arm Front. Raises: 10 × 4. 🔹️Bent Over Posterior Deltoid Flys: 10 x 4
🔹️Barbell Standing Shoulder Press 5 × 4, heavy weight to Over Load. 🔹️Upright Rows, 10 × 4 moderate 🔹️Barbell Shruggs: 10 x 4 heavy

#sandevfromislandfittt #MackLord
#progress #growth #bouldershoulders

Its been a long time since I have posted a gym video, and I thought it appropriate that my first video be of my favorite movement, the Deadlift.
Its the Core Exercise in my 'Back Day'
The Routine below. 🔹️Deadlift: 10 × 4,light to moderate weight incrementally increasing till the 4th set failure occurs at 10. 🔹️Deadlift 6 x 4, moderate Weight to heavy, incrementally increasing till failure at 6 reps occur. 🔹️Lat Pull Down: 10 x 4 moderate weight strict form. 🔹️Single Arm Bent Over Row: 10 × 4, moderate to challanging weight.
🔹️Seated Cable Row: 10 x 4 challanging weight. 🔹️Bent Over Barbell Row. 10 × 4.

In no way are these even good or impressive, but to me i will continue to put in work.
Its been my 3rd week back in the gym training and its been going ok so far.
#Deadlifts #gym #IslandFitTT #Sandevfromislandfittt #MackLord

To my little Darling.
Happy One Year Anniversary.
At every moment you have stood by me, supporting my dreams, picking me up when i fall and balancing me out.
I love you dearly and always. 😘😗😙
#teammacklord #bae #anniversary #oneyearanniversary

I am basically a Brown Pac Man.

The Cats Name is: Christopher-Robin
And well you all know Sam.
I just thought these we good photos.

I dont often look this good @alic_xoxo thank you for being my official smart phone photographer an capturing every moment.
Also I gotta Big Up @ultimate_barber
For organising me and making me look top knotch

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