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Sandev J.L. Mackoon  @islandfit_tt_media @the_carboholic ❤ Some cool and intellectual one liner about life.

1) Shanon, who helped me survive this year's graduation and most dope phototakeouter. I probably gave you more Nick names than I should. 2018
2)Jimmy and Miss Glasgow, they were having a rough day when I met them but with a little help their day turned around and made it to graduation. 2018
3)Anesh, was a high school tech guy, in my old high school when I met him. Now he is off doing bigger and better things. Couldn't be more proud. 2017
4)Mustack this man was real kick from the day I collect his Last MBA assignment to the second he graduated. 2017
5) Dr. Nigel Fulchan giving his very moving speech in 2017. He graduated from his DBA in 2017. Head of Academics in SAM, a man who has opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and somewhat of a mentor.
6)Random feminine hygiene pad in the Hilton Ballroom, 2017....grads can be full of surprises.
7)Meh Aunty Lu. Graduating with her MBA in 2016. This lady is the real life Gina Linetti
8)Devindra Rami playing MC angry birds in the middle of grads 2016..big speech going down and this is what he did.
All in the life of a Sam's Ambassador.

I joined @samcaribbeanlimited in September 2016 as a student and by the the end of the month I was a Student Ambassador. Which ment the World to me, I learnt so much over the past years working in many events.
However my favourite has always been graduation. It has taught me to be a better version of myself to others. To be helpful, to be patient, to treat everyone with fairness and understanding.
This graduation makes my third (3rd) and my Last as next year it shall be my turn, and finally graduating. I have had excellent role models/mentors to learn from, and great co-workers and fellow student ambassadors that I have worked beside. And to the hundreds of students I have helped graduate i hope my service was enjoyable and memorable. To my parents who didn't give up on me and my girlfriend @the_carboholic for being super supportive.
I officially have hung up my Sam's Ambassador Shirt.
Thank you all for this Great Experience.

Yours Truly
Sandev J.L Mackoon.

Ever so often this Job brought me some Joy. Mostly when people I know personally are graduating. These Two guys were always good to me during my Internship at Assoicated Brands Industries Limited (ABIL/Sunshine Snacks)
I cannot wait to see them Graduate on Sunday.

Me and my favourite niece ever @anjm24

British × Japanese x Saudi Arabian.
Presentation Number 4
Intercultural International Management.
I am so close to finishing BA in Management degree I can smell it.

To loving girlfriend @the_carboholic and my close friends, please have this photo on Stand By at my funeral. In the unlikely event someone I find heavily annoying comes up to the podium to say a few words. This photo would allow them to know what ever they are going to say would urk my soul even if I was alive.

As I grow older, I am slowly transitioning from being a young man still trying to find himself in the world to a classic man who evokes confidence in ever stride being sure of my actions, my ethics, morals and values. Being steadfast in who I am and knowing what I stand for. Thus with my shift in mentality so too must my appearance change.
@krewkutz , thanks for the hook up. It was a refreshing enlightening experience. ****Swipe left for before the cut.

(Swipe left for some cuteness)
Thanks to my ever ready camera-woman @the_carboholic

To my favourite kiddo (neice) in the whole wide world @anjm24.
You are a now teenager,Damn.. I hope you had a great day. Happy Belated Birthday.

A little chocolate chip for my chocolate chip.
Girlfriend Appreciation Post.

Literally Every Meeting.

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