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Sandra Oluchi 

As the day goes by , I keep thanking God for an amazing life....
Who dares take away this smile?

Never chase love,If it isn't given freely, then it is worthless.

Its a new month, and I pray that it will be much better than last month and may it come with unending joy for each and everyone of you ...Amen

The African man has always mystified,
or rather, deified what he can't explain
So a child Is born like every other child
They suddenly unlike other children they have bouts of fevers and are screaming in pain.
Writting in pains that seems unbearable and many die not long after birth
So families, or should I say couples were known for having frequent occurrence of birthing such children, so instead of finding a solution Stigma became the response, because it remained unknown. so new born children to these families are scarred to make sure they are identified if they die by similar causes at a young age and according to myth reincarnate.
Instead of finding ways to solve the problem, it is covered in a cloak of superstition.
Sickle cell anaemia
One of the causes of such deaths
A condition caused by negligence or outright ignorance to genotype check of two individuals who now have to live with a child who would have to fight boots of pain, Crisis.
I've seen it first hand,
The routine drugs you have to take to stay out of the hospital, the foods you can't eat because they would live you at risk, and when 'IT' comes that pain you can't explain. All the joints aching, temperature rising, and you can see the question if you look into their eyes,"What did I do to deserve this?" I no longer call them sicklers, they're warriors. I've lost one, and I have yet another. So frail they look, yet so much strength hidden in their fraility. But we can't continue this way, Sickle cell is no longer a mystery. We now know the cause we can end the scourge.
Prevention is better than cure, what better way to stop it by not allowing it start in the first place. Know your genotype, Before you get into that serious relationship, before you walk down the isle ask your spouse, "I know you love me, but what's your genotype". No child deserve to suffer for our ignorance, No child. We don't deserve to put ourselves and our children unborn through this. "I know you love me, what's your genotype". IT'S WORLD SICKLE CELL DAY.

Happy birthday to my sister with a heart of gold, my day one babe, beauty with brains, the one that scolds me and never fail to correct me anytime I make mistakes, the 3rd daughter in the Ofoekwe's dynasty,the lessons I get from you any time we see sticks to me, and I don't know why sef, but it always helps me. Sis as you clock 24 may your wishes and desires come true, may God continue to shower you with wisdom. Happy birthday Nellie @missnelliej

Your woman crush Wednesday 😊😊

Happy Easter to you all from the OFOEKWE'S

Don't just preach love, live it and swim in undeniable grace... #tbt.
Thank God the semester is almost over, I miss Mummy and good food 😑😢

Know this: Never blame others and believe God at the same time... ❤❤

Autograph anything and everything you do with excellence, let everything you do in life have a touch of excellence...

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