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Sanctuary Asia  Sanctuary Asia is India's leading wildlife magazine.


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Each club-like arm of this jellyfish (Mastigias spp.) has a mouth, which it uses to collect food. But the majority of its nutrition comes from the algae it houses within, which gives this species its brown colouration. Read more interesting facts like these in this gorgeous story by @shreyodo and @umeed.mistry on the many lives of Jellyfish.
Link in bio.
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Image: Naveen Srikantachari // A skittering #frog takes a perfect leap across the #water surface leaving ripples in its wake at Kolar. This is the second post in the series of captures of #wild #animals brilliantly frozen in motion.

Meet the Sanctuary Young Naturalist Awardees of 2017. One is all of 13 years old, an encyclopaedia of natural history in #Ranthambhore and a bold orator who takes kids her age on #nature trials trying to infuse them with love for nature. The other is a charming #zoologist who is researching leopards of Mumbai, working hard to address the burning #conservation issue- that of sharing space with our wild cat neighbours. And lastly, this fiesty, young #conservationist is striving to popularise conservation and create a groundswell of public support for the natural landscapes on which we all depend.
These young minds, inspire in us hope for the future.
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Image: Karthik Ramamurthy // Droplets of water trail this handsome dhole as the #camera freezes it mid-air at the #Anamalai Tiger Reserve. The magic of capturing #animals in motion is immensely artful and important for studying them.
We will be uploading a series of them in the course of the week. Watch this space.
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In a glistening ceremony held at the National Centre for Performing Arts, Mumbai, on December 8, the Sanctuary Wildlife Award 2017 awardees were honoured and they pose with their spoils post awards on stage with Bittu Sahgal, Editor, Sanctuary Asia, Hemendra Kothari, Chairman, DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds, Paul Abraham, COO, @indusind_bank and Dr. Vijaya Mehta, director of the Sanctuary awards.
Get to know more about the awardees in the link in bio.
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Presenting the winners of the Sanctuary #Wildlife Awards 2017! These bravehearts selflessly work to protect #wild species and habitats around us, making it the very purpose of their lives. #Nature’s spokespersons, they are determined and committed to making their dreams come true... of leaving behind a #planet that someday will not need protecting from our own kind.
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Image: Purva Variyar (@purvavariyar) // There is no better word to describe diatoms than ‘perfection’. The stunning symmetry that the outer #cell walls or frustules of this class of single-celled #algae attain is other worldly. Here, you see a pennate #diatom, which is bilaterally symmetrical as observed under a Scanning Electron #Microscope (SEM) at x4000 magnification. At this level of enhancement, even the seamless arrangement of pores on the exterior is clearly visible. Lying enclosed within these perfect walls is the single-celled body of the #alga, well protected and hidden!

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Spurred by his love for the #mountains, Motup became an advocate for sustainability, reaching out to the armed forces and locals without whose help, he says, nothing could hope to be accomplished. To sustain his work, he started an eco-adventure company called Rimo Expeditions and pioneered ‘Leave No Trace’ camping in #India. Motup’s team organises clean ups of camping sites, constructs toilets along popular trekking routes, holds medical camps across remote #Ladakhi villages and in 2013, they carried down an astounding four tonnes of garbage from Mt. #Everest! Rimo Expeditions’ guides collectively rescued hundreds of people when the #climate-change-triggered disasters struck first Ladakh, then #Uttarakhand and, most recently, Kashmir. Motup’s strategy of empowering local youth through sustainable job opportunities is working. Young Ladakhis are learning to play ice hockey and they participate in the annual #Ladakh marathon that he started to draw attention to their fragile land. The slow devastation of #Siachen weighs heavily on Motup. He asks for the declaration of Siachen as an International Peace Park, and improbable as it may sound in these days of chest-beating and war drums, he says he and his people will scale that mountain too.

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On air pollution in Delhi from my column with The Hindu BLink http://www.greenhumour.com/2017/12/air-pollution-in-new-delhi.html
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On December 8, 2017, The Sanctuary #Wildlife Awards will honour some inspiring people who are dedicatedly, against all odds, fighting to save the vanishing wildlife and wild spaces. And among them, are some young people who are and will be the future of this good fight, we call conservation. Here we reminisce by remembering one such young hero, Roheet Karoo. Roheet is still haunted by the gruesome image of the dead #tiger he saw outside the Government Veterinarian Hospital in #Umred, near Tadoba in #Maharashtra when he was a young student in class seven. At that very moment, he decided that his life would be spent in defending this magnificent #cat. His connections with #nature were honed during school camps, wildlife trips and conservation talks that he would purposefully attend. By 2004, young Roheet had already begun to receive calls to rescue snakes and other wild animals that ran afoul of humans.
#Subsequent interactions with mentors, including Suhas Bokade, Pravin Nagdeote and Nitin Desai (a Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award winner), provided him the depth and horizons he needed to throw himself into fulltime wildlife conservation. The surveys and studies he has undertaken resulted in the declaration of the Umred-Karhandla Wildlife Sanctuary, which has given the #Tadoba Tiger Reserve a much needed boost.

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Image: Digant Desai (@scubadiggy) // There are two dominant urges that determine the survival of life on #Earth… hunger and sex. Long before #sex began to govern life on land, simple #organisms called #protozoa learned how to multiply #asexually through binary fission about two billion years ago. This involves splitting into two, then splitting again, and again, in geometric proportion. But where is the romance in all that? #Nature seems to have found an answer that has imbued the vast diversity of our #planet with #sexual shenanigans that would make even the most deviant human blush. The sex life of #decapods even fascinated Aristotle! When males woo females, both begin to blush different colours. They make love face to face and #sperm sacs are inserted by males into the body cavity close to the females’ buccal chamber, using a special tentacle, the hectocotylus (arm of 100 suckers!). After using jets of water to clean out any prior spermatangia from earlier mating, the male breaks off the hectocotylus and leaves it to do the vital job of insemination. He then keeps guard over his female until her #eggs are laid. But female #cuttlefish are smarter and secretly mate with several males, whose sperm sacs she banks, #fertilising the eggs only when she chooses to.

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Shola forests are patches of dense stunted tropical montane forests found in the valleys of the Skyislands of the western ghats and are surrounded and separated from each other by undulating grasslands. The Shola biome has a high water retention capacity and exists as the precious source of the water for the high altitude organisms and are the origin of many streams and rivers in the Western Ghats. If you want to know more about these sky islands and the species that live in them, check out the full story here : http://www.nationalgeographic.com/photography/proof/2017/08/skyislands-and-western-ghats/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=Social&utm_content=link_fbt20170812photography-breathtakingskyislands&utm_campaign=Content&sf105477437=1 #WesternGhats #India #Wildlife #Photostory #letsexplore #NationalGeographic #Natgeoexplorer @natgeoyourshot #natgeo #natgeoyourshot @instagram @natgeo@natgeoyourshot @natgeocreative

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