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Sanctuary Asia  Sanctuary Asia is India's leading wildlife magazine.


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Today is World Rhino Day!! Rhinos are being massacred for their horns. Last year 1054 rhinos were killed in South Africa alone. Rhino horn has been found to have no medicinal value. It is made of keratin, the same tissue as our hair or nails - so chew your fingernails - and SAVE THE RHINO!
Check out: Save the Rhino and Rhinos without Borders
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Anoko Mega,#SanctuaryAsia’s Mud On Boots Project Leader in Arunachal Pradesh, is encouraging school children of Roing to voluntarily surrender their catapults, used to hunt small #birds, in a bid to alter attitudes towards #hunting within his community. Hunting #indigenous birds using #catapults is a common livelihood as well as a recreational activity amongst the people of Roing, the District Headquarter of Lower #Dibang Valley. This valley is home to a diverse range of #wildlife, such as the vulnerable eastern hoolock #gibbon, musk deer, Himalayan #serow, Rufous-necked #hornbill and the elusive king cobra. With such species of high conservation concern, community awareness and support for #conservation is crucial.

Although changing the age-old tradition of hunting is a monumental challenge, Anoko is slowly but steadily chipping away at it. Anoko conducts regular awareness campaigns for school children and villagers, in order to help them realise the importance of their natural heritage. His most recent #campaign dealt with the use of catapults, and the damage caused by indulging in the play. While 10 to 15 catapults were retrieved from the locals, it was heartening to see the children of the valley come forward and voluntarily surrender their catapults. Delighted and empowered by the success of the campaign, Anoko intends to continue this drive in Roing.

Image: WTI (@wildlifetrustofindia ) //Though parts of #Chhattisgarh have been afflicted by years of #insurgency, #wild #species still manage to hold tenuously on to survival. A #tiger, captured on a camera-trap in the Udanti-Sitanadi Tiger Reserve represents a very real symbol of hope and #wildlife revival.

Image: Viraj Khorjuwekar // A handsome fan-throated #lizard proudly advertises his availability to females as he spreads his fan-shaped dewlap in his #habitat that is now being taken over for a windfarm in Satara, Maharashtra. #SanctuaryAsia celebrates the fact that #India is demonstrating to the world that we can and will shift our energy priorities away from #carbon towards wind and #solar, among other options. But that old cliché holds good… the way to hell is paved by good intentions. Establishing #windfarms smack in the middle of vulnerable #biodiversity hotspots amounts to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. These farms need approach roads and infrastructures that must be set up keeping in mind both wind speeds and the imperative of protecting #ecosystems that sequester and store carbon and supply us with water.

Image: Milind Raut - Special Mention - The Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2011 // This dramatic scene took place on the forested hill slopes near #Pune, #Maharashtra. A jungle #cat Felis chaus has overpowered a Russell’s #viper, one of the deadliest of all #snakes found in #India. The #snake was still alive when this image was taken. One would have imagined the snake would have come out winning, but this time the tables were turned.

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It is a little late for this post, but nevertheless here it is. World celebrated the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone on September 16. And it is important to understand the significance of containing the depleting #ozone layer in the #stratosphere that protects us from the powerful radiation fraction emitted by the #sun. A recent study likened the ozone hole that formed over #Antarctica around the time the end of the last Ice Age commenced, some 17,700 years ago, caused by a series of volcanic eruptions from West Antarctic's Mount Tahake over 192 years, to the present human-induced stratospheric ozone hole due to harmful gas emissions. Climate change then and climate change now have both been dramatic and planet altering. The difference is that this time, one of the #species which caused it has the power it reverse the damage.
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Image: Bhavya Joshi // Magical #metamorphosis! A #cicada #nymph moult lies lifeless as a just-emerged, beautiful adult hangs on to the very #moult, as it waits for the bodily fluids to reach all parts of its body and its skin to harden! An adult is born !

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Roads are killing machines. Nothing can bring this Indian Fox female back to life. Roads kill much more wildlife than poaching. Mitigation measures (such as under or overpasses) that provide a free passage to wildlife (a win-win solution for both wildlife and development) are a must.

Image: Sunil Sachi // This unusual image seems almost artificial, like an acrobatic stunt. The (possibly accidental) art is impressive enough, but the natural history depiction is even more so. A pair of #breeding gliding frogs Rhacophorus lateralis had fallen inside a water tank and the opportunistic aquatic skittering #frog, Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis that is rarely seen outside water, enjoyed feasting on the hapless victims. The #Euphlyctis are voracious #predators that largely feed on #aquatic insects, beetles, dragonflies, grasshoppers, and #tadpoles!

Image: Manas Paran // 'Cat Conflict' - In #Guwahati, #Assam, people lived in harmony with their land for centuries. But as with so many other geographies, this city on the banks of the mighty #Brahmaputra has altered its relationship with #nature. Today, encroachments and pollution rule the day, stealing habitats from wild animals as diverse as elephants, river dolphins and this unfortunate Indian #leopard #Panthera pardus fusca, all of which are forced into conflict with their much more powerful neighbour, Homo sapiens. The incident that took place in 2012 was aggravated when an unruly crowd harassed the already traumatised leopard, which strayed into an urban #human settlement. Cornered and harangued, the leopard attacked a man who had tried to chase it away with an iron rod as hundreds blocked its only escape route to freedom. It took the hard-pressed Forest Department almost 45 minutes to immobilise the #cat, after spending three arduous hours trying to control the crowd that had gathered for apparent entertainment.

Image: Julien Boule // "Looking for #pumas on foot is a powerful and thrilling experience. Sometimes we saw them on the side of the road. At other times, we had to walk along he cliffs or lake shorelines for hours before striking luck. A few times, in remote areas of the park that one cannot access, we were forced to watch them from a distance through binoculars," writes Julien Boule in the Sanctuary Asia's September 2017 issue, on the few, spectacular days spent with the beautiful apex predator of #Patagonia in South America.
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