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Sanctuary Asia  Sanctuary Asia is India's leading wildlife magazine.

Image: Saurabh Sawant (@saurabhsawant )//A beautiful pair of Rufous-necked #Hornbills is captured in an ornate frame as they feed. The Rufous-necked #Hornbill gets its name from the distinctive reddish brown #plumage that covers the male's head and its underparts. This vulnerable #species is found in North-east India, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Laps, China and Vietnam. It needs large trees for nesting and feeding and that's the main reason for the decline in its numbers due to #deforestation and #habitat degradation and fragmentation.

Image: Ripan Biswas / Special Mention - the Sanctuary Wildlife Photography Awards 2016

On the #forest floor of the #Buxa Tiger Reserve, a red weaver #ant staged one last act of rebellion against a #predator many times its size. Before being dismembered by the sniping #mandibles of the tiger #beetle, it sharply bit into the larger #insect ’s leg, and then continued to hold on even in death. This picture is a vivid reminder of the seldom-documented, small-scale dramas that go on underfoot.

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There is a very interesting story behind this intriguing and endearing image of the #African #leopard #cub in #Botswana! The #photographer, Shivaram Subramaniam, witnessed it while on a safari and tells us how the unexpected events unfold as the mother and her cub try to get to the enticing #giraffe meat underneath the tough skin of the carcass that they serendipitously chanced upon in the #jungle! Read his story! Link in Shivaram's bio! #Repost @shivaramsubramaniam (@get_repost)
#leopard #giraffe #botswana

Image: Wildlife Institute of India // This rare #melanistic #tiger was photographed in the core of the #Similipal Tiger Reserve. There are less than 30 of these #tigers alive and they cannot be replaced by reintroduction as they constitute a unique #gene pool.
#India now has over 70 per cent of the world’s wild tiger population. Besides India and #Nepal, no other country has an objective assessment of their #wild tiger numbers. And in almost all of the other tiger range countries tigers are in decline. Why? Because of direct #poaching fuelled by the demand for tiger body parts, coupled with habitat loss. In a highly populated country like ours, it is well-nigh impossible to conceive of creating new wildernesses, but in parts of India degraded #forest land is available and we can work to restock and rewild these empty habitats with wild #species.

Dr. Y.V. Jhala and Dr. Q. Qureshi elaborate on the nuts and bolts of India’s high-tech, country-wide tiger assessment status. Read 'Counting Tigers' on

We did it! Cara Tejpal (@carapiranha), you did it! The powerful #crowdfunding #campaign that Cara has been tirelessly working on for almost two months, as part of Sanctuary Nature Foundation's (@sanctuaryasia) Mud on Boots project, has just surpassed its impressive target of one million rupees (Rs. 1,000,000) with two more days to go! 230 wonderful people donated to make this happen. Thank you for giving a fillip to these #earth #heroes who work against all odds to preserve our breathtaking natural heritage. Your support is invaluable! You could still donate too! Link in bio. You needn't be a #conservationist to conserve #nature! The Mud on Boots Project empowers the grassroots #conservationists who are usually overlooked by big organisations, government agencies and international donors, but who are making a real impact at the ground level. For example, in West Bengal, senior citizen Joydeb Pradhan has started a 'Seed Goat Reserve' to compensate villagers who lose goats to attacks by fishing cats. In Mizoram, forest guard Zakhuma Don has begun documenting the voluntary relocation of a village from the buffer of the Dampa Tiger Reserve. In Haryana,  flora-lover Sunil Harsana is readying to plant the seeds of indigenous trees, which he collected through winter and spring, in the Mangar Bani forest. And in Assam, wildlife rehabilitator Manoj Gogoi (in picture) has already rescued over 28 individual wild animals, including a leopard! And these are just the highlights from a few of our leaders.
FYI Manoj Gogoi, here, feeds sibling White-breasted #kingfishers whom he rescued and nurtured to adulthood. They have since returned to the #wild
#MudonBoots #earthheroes #wildlifeprotectors

Image: Deepak Sahu // Family Feuds! This special photofeature of ours is an effort to convey this striking and ubiquitous behaviour of #intraspecific aggression that is an important leaf in the extraordinary book of survival and the fine balance of resources in #nature. Intraspecific aggression takes place when individuals of the same #species clash to compete for mates, food, territory… perhaps even such resources as a waterhole in which to cool off in summer. This is different to interspecific competition, which takes place when different species compete for a common resource. Essentially, it is the coding built into their #genes that drives their instincts.

Here, two handsome Black-tailed #Godwits engage in an superbly elegant skirmish in Mangalajodi, #Odisha.

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Geeta Seshamani helped co-found Wildlife SOS in 1995. Today she is asking people to take action on behalf of circus elephants. Let Geeta know how important this campaign is to you by donating to her page directly by clicking on the link on our bio 🔝

Consider joining Geeta in the fight by starting your own fundraising page!
We are competing for $100,000 and we can’t win this campaign without your support! Thank you to everyone who has donated thus far – you’ve helped us into the top three!

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#Forest guard and Mud on Boots Project Leader Zakhuma Don is my new favourite #wildlife photographer. Take a good long look at this beauty because It's unlikely that you'll ever see one in the wild. This is the aptly named clouded #leopard (Neofelis nebulosa). A secretive, mid-sized wild #cat that has the longest upper canines for its skull size of any living carnivore. Unfortunately, the gorgeous #fur that makes them so arresting to look at is also coveted by the illegal wildlife trade. And more than once I have heard reports about travellers to northeast India finding clouded leopard pelts in local markets. I proposed this image for the cover of @sanctuaryasia but sadly it's low-res. My next task is going to be to get better camera equipment to our Project Leaders.( Four days to go and just ₹47,000 left to raise for the Mud on Boots Project! It's crunch time, so donate now! Also, a huge thank you to Mrunal Mujumdar, Pankaj, Samyukth S, Anjali Mirchandani, Uday Punj, @tarinia, @raazzzann, @kalpanapster, Kiran Rao, Harman Kour, @ninkyagg, SEH Kazmi, and Jaiwanti Dugal for their contributions! You and your support is invaluable 💜)

Image: Saran Vaid // The skittering #frog Euphlyctis cyanophlyctis is common along the edges of ponds, reed banks and marshes of south #Asia. The frog gets its name from the fact that it retreats hastily from danger, while making ‘skittering’ sounds. It probably took a great leap because it was disturbed… right onto its unique #feline perch. The frog is rarely seen out of water, which makes this image even more unusual.

Image: Mihir Godbole //
"While inquiring about #wolves, we often heard from locals of a #tiger being spotted around their villages. Well aware that there were no tigers in this #habitat, we dismissed their claims as exaggeration. The #striped #hyaena sighting, however got us thinking. Could their stripes have led the villagers to mistake them for tigers?" Mihir Godbole, Milind Raut, Viraaj Apte and Siddharth Bramhankar followed the hyenas who have made a tentative home in the outskirts of Maharashtra's Mayureshwar #Wildlife #Sanctuary. They urge for such 'marginal wildernesses' to be protected.
Read more in 'Hyaena Diaries' here -

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Image: Abhishek Jamalabad (@sea_coocoomber) // A #humpback #dolphin breaks the surface of the #Arabian sea off the coast of #Goa, a land of pristine beaches, dense #mangrove #forests, expansive estuaries, islands with their friending reefs and perennial rivers. But, the expansion of the #Mormugao Port to incorporate a coal hub, a project taken up by the Mormugao Port Trust, has raised concern and alarm among people both in the region and based outside it. Among the many concerns which the project proponents haven’t addressed at all (and wish to proceed without addressing), are a number of #ecological threats which will most likely affect the presence of marine #mammal species which are often seen in areas well within the impact range of the proposed project. For years, #coal dust blown from the existing operations at the Mormugao Port has worsened the air #pollution in this area direly affecting the health of the residents here. With expansion of the port and it's activities, this problem will only amplify.
Write to India's #environment minister urging him to put a stop to the expansion project, implement conservation measures to protect the marine #wildlife and promote #renewable energy sources. You could send your email to the Union Environment Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan at with a copy to us at
#mormugaoport #marinemammals #ecologicaldisaster #airpollution #dirtyenergy #nonrenewableenergy

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