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Simplifying my life and placing priority on the forefront. Moved email, social media, and entertainment to the third page. On my home page is what's important: personal growth (podcasts, music), professional growth (Twitter, EL), organization (calendar, google keep) and health (myfitnesspal, all trails). My old homepage vs my new one. What do you put in the forefront?

My knee and her paw were higher. I moved, she woke and looked for my knee and placed her paw there again. Now I'm scared to move and my foot is going numb. #catlady

Happy St.Patrick's Day!

This is our book cover! Blended learning in a 2:1 model! To be released in December 2017... for pre conetwnt visit our blog at but wait a minute we haven't bought the website yet!

When your morning walk to work is this, life isn't so bad #cue2017

This house has fun appliances

The Zelda themed almost escape room!

Hike 8/52!!!! It was chilly and rained on our way back, but it was awesome! #52hikechallenge2017adventureseries

This is her spot now that I'm never in the living room. She always has the funkiest poses #juliacat #catlady

Hike 7/52 done! #52hikechallenge2017adventureseries ended in a beautiful sunset I didn't document! Thanks again to @stephanieanne_ for being my hiking partner!

Hike 6/52! We had the cross the "river" 9 times each way... really fun hike. 4 miles. My 3rd hike with @stephanieanne_ ! Thanks homegirl! AND it's waterfall#2 ! #52hikechallenge2017adventureseries

My first solo hike! It was a gorgeous day! Hike #5 #52hikechallenge2017adventureseries

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