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Solstice Canyon before the heat! On the way back "the fear" hit, but I made it! Hike 24! #52hikechallengeadventureseries

It was a hot one! Hike 23! #52hikechallengeadventureseries

No joke- I just looked at my mail and got another package from @earthandspirittraders she did a custom order for me! In love! Obsessed! #earthandspirittraders

Two things to note about this picture 1- I cut my bangs too short 2 days ago and now they are about one day away from being a good length- my hair grows freakin fast and 2- I bought lash boost and didn't take before pictures because I was sure it wasn't going to work, now my lashes are touching my brows and I need to learn how to put mascara on long lashes... it's different for sure.

I bought one of these as a gift, but I fell so in love with all of the bracelets I've purchased from @earthandspirittraders that I'm having trouble parting with any of them! Her Etsy page is just so tempting! I want them all!!
I always wear one with lava beads so I can put an essential oil in it! So amazing! #earthandspirittraders

Duck Club hike. Super hot = short #22 #52hikechallengeadventureseries

8 years of marriage to this stud! Happy anniversary my Boo!

A clear sign that I need to do laundry... it's spilling out onto the floor and now there is a lizard hanging out on it... ok universe I get it; I'm gross. I'll do the damn laundry.

I hiked and then climbed a big rock today. What did you do? #52hikechallengeadventureseries2017 that's hike 21!

Sometimes you just need a cool place to lay down... it's a hot one!

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