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Sana Javeri Kadri  ✨🌶📸✊🏾🔥🎥✈️🏳️‍🌈✨ / food & feelings photographer / Decolonizing @diasporaco /📍india & california, via everywhere


@navikitchen named a cocktail after me so I guess I made it, I’m done, c u on the beach 4 retirement ya trollz / presenting ⚡️The Golden Child ⚡️the @diasporaco turmeric drank of yo dreamz

Bombay so soon ❤️ Dec 21st - Feb 1st, with lots of @diasporaco travel across the country in between. So many schemez, so many tings to eat, so many bombay bbs to squeeze 💕💫

Working on something xtra golden today ✨#turmericyellow

We’re here because we’re queer 💕
A year and a half in, I’m reassured like never before that I picked Oakland over the rest of the world for all the right reasons. From day one, this place felt like a homecoming in a way I didn’t know how to put words to. Like pieces of myself I didn’t know I had been yearning for, finally fitting together. I’m so grateful to call this corner of NorCal my home, my community and my bubble of radical lefty home cooked sunshiney gaydom ✨

IT ME / It’s been a pretty over-the-top week here in NY- 4737373 meetings, 69595 subway rides and 5433 coffee dates later. Thank you so much, to everyone who housed me (Lost Boys Capital Management forevs), fed me, mentored me, cheered me on, made exquisite spreadsheets for me, tossed salad for me, picked up the phone on my whiny ass, collaborated on this @diasporaco dream and KILLED IT, got a stiff drink at gay bars with me, and/or just ate big bowls of carbs with me. I’m so grateful for you all, and to be in community with you. What a wacky bunch of talent and grit and love you goddamn New Yorkers are. Thank you for showing up for the dweeb and her boxes of turmeric dreams✨(and insta capped my tags at 20 but y’all know who you are 😭✊🏾❤️)

@seedandmill’s halva goat milk soft serve with @diasporaco turmeric sugar in a blue corn cone. I may be exhausted AF but definitely eating/living my best life.

@lailabahmanphoto came through my sunny little treehaus in the final days of summer and took some big girl photos of me so now I get to be legit and use them for all things @diasporaco / shoutout to Laila for being a MASTER OF LIGHT AND PHOTO HUSTLE ✨📸💫 / and also! shoutout to @rrussellsprout for skulking in the back and making me giggle the entire time 🌞

Such an honor to shoot Day of the Dead for @cosechacafe- lots more photos on their Facebook page.
PS - @tonyxtuerto, you babe.✨🌒🌼✨

On a scale of one to sleep deprived, stressed and overwhelmed, I’m a solid 10k. The hustle is hangry AF. But @diasporaco website is live for preorders and our winter calendar is STACKED w pop ups and collabs and all the other millennial biz terms in NYC, OAK, SF AND LA! PHEW! / + my hands are permanently stained #turmericyellow / + the shit show of small biz hustle is only just beginning. Somebody buy me a drank already / shoutout to anybody that has had to encounter me this week/month/season, I’ll buy u a drank in 2018, promise.

I love Californian produce so much my face hurts ✨

It’s all happening, y’all 😭💖✨/ design by @sophiehoney, tears by me and recycled cotton biz cards by @moo / new retail packaging arrives tomorrow at which point I’ll just be bawling getting preorders out and packing for NY aka bb’s first biz trip! / more small biz drama and hysteria in my stories / if u see me this week, buy me a beer 🍺🤘🏾💥 #DIASPORACOHQ

Two of my favorite humans, mentors and inspirations @normalistman and @saqibkeval opened a restaurant in Mexico City this week and I’ve been watching it unfold via the gram/skype/interwebs, totally bubbling over with love and admiration. I know @tallerdecomidazena is what they’ve been working and dreaming towards for years now, on their own as well as through their combined research project of @masalaymaiz, which will continue in the cafe on the ground floor ✊🏾❤️ I cannot wait to visit. Eeeeeee! / PS - you two, it’s pretty hilarious/low key worrying how many adorable photos I have of y’all 🤷🏾‍♀️

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