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—>>SAMantha Schwenck<<—  ⚡️🌵High on hi desert life🌵⚡️

There’s art, and then there’s art done for you by your amazingly talented and good friend that’s gifted to you. Still reveling in the fact that @blackbirdranch (aka @theeblackestbones) made this stunning piece for me for my birthday. I love it so much that I found a special place for it on top of my most prized family heirloom, my great grandparents’ piano, to display it. Thank you again, Dan!

🌙 Waxing 🌙

What a muffin 😍

The photo is a bit blurry but then again, so is my memory of the festivities. 😉 Thanks, party pals! 💛🍻

This gal is ride or die and you’re lucky if you get to call her friend. She’s as salty and beautiful as an ocean wave...a total babe! 🧡

What a wonderful way to spend my 45th birthday! Thanks @murph619 @la_culebranegra and @tomsprops for being my Burns Canyon birthday run crew!

Life is pretty doggone good! 🐶💛🐶💛#adventureswithchanchoandutah #utahlookslikehesgonnahurl #roaddogs

There’s only one more week left where I can say I’m 44 years old (I love Master number ages). All I really wish for in this next year of growing older is more laughter, more freckles, more hugs, more perfect avocados and less fucks given.


💛✨Boonie Bug✨💛

They’re a special bunch ❤️ #pioneertownplayboys #highdesertbikesnbuggies

Yesterday I celebrated the anniversary of my move to the high desert with a permanent reminder of what a great choice I made. I’m not normally a cutesy heart person but combine it with cactus and it’s a winning combination to honor a place that truly does own my heart. Thank you @lovetaylorelyse for another great sitting. You are a beautiful soul with a talent for bringing all my ideas to fruition perfectly, and I always enjoy my time with you. I love my friends, this place I call home...and a good poking. 😉 🌵🖤🌵

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