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32 Trillion in assets, 400 investors step up to tackling climate change Smart people are stepping up and putting their money into finding a solution Help out and make your next car an electric one Vote in someone who will fight for climate sensible policies and who agrees that man-made climate change is a scientific fact

Follow @newamericanroadtrip to see how Americans across country are fighting climate change

The direction we have to move in Wonderful news

Follow @kilaueakyle for updates on the Hawaii Lava flow Stay Safe Everyone!

Did you know this was the biggest march in US History? On the TV news that I watched it said ‘ Thousands marched’ It really was millions marched #marchforourlives @jessicachastain

Follow @everytown Almost at 400k


Please follow @youthvgov and support them in their efforts to make the Republican Party admit they have a responsibility to advert future devastation to the United States. I admire these people and support them ! 👏

The quotes for Dubai Solar install were mostly under US$0.02/MKwh!

Climate Caucus now has as many members as the Freedom caucus. Another positive step towards future.

Learn more at #areyouEn An easy way to lower polluting is to buy an electric car or hybrid

Hate speech should not be free speech and media should not be allowed to lie This was an act of terrorism

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