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Moriah Hibbard  21| 🌿 to make Him known | globe trotting | i only have friends because i'm obnoxious | disciple maker

it's okay to grow slow // courtesy of Creed -- film camera!!! follow his ig!!

grace works best on messy people

know Him, not just of Him; love Him, not just the thought of Him.

as i sit here this morning & think about the goodness of the Lord, i have to keep from falling on my face in public. lol. i'm overflowing. i can't contain myself. my pen can't write quick enough & my words don't go deep enough to express the gratitude that i have towards the Lord. you guys, He is so good. i challenge u this morning to ask Him for His fullness to invade ur body/spirit/heart. He never returns void to our requests when we request more of just simply Him. // be zealous after His heart- this world is dark & empty, but the fullness of christ is overpowering for the one who wholeheartedly wants Him.

"when i see kids in public screaming, all i think about is: u don't have real problems. i should be screaming. ME." -Jaysin // enjoyed our little skate night!!! love my friends sm ugh

"I can't wait for us to go on double dates with our husbands one day... wait." -Wes // board iz lyfe uh #livebangs

facts about Susi Any: she doesn't believe the Great Wall of China actually exists. she thinks the moon landing is a conspiracy. she thinks the english language will be dead by 2020. she can lick the back of her ear. she practices karioke with her mom every day from 3-5. she is obsessed with me. // our dad Creed took this photo. thanks, pops!!!!

"i just need a hug(e amount of money)" - Anny // fun fact: Susie can get u into the High for $5 cus she's a member. everyone use her!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

people are broken like me. people have broken opinions of me. but Christ has intimate knowledge of me. knowledge of who i am. & so i will listen to who He says i am. // march 22nd, 1:07 pm.

"me , for my entire birthday month: how could you do this to me On My Birthday" - Kaylzzz // HBD gosh i love you sm!!! i cannot wait to actually b w u there in Rome for an entire week!!! life is so freakin gr8 when i have a friend like u that pushes me to travel as much as i can & not worry bout a thang! Kayla, ur my freakin favorite & i freakin hope today is freakin the freakin best!!!!!!!!!!! ily!!!

"me looking at old pics of myself: i dont know her" - Anny // we went to donate blood but instead got ice cream

embrace healing.

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