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Samuel Shimi  “Changing lives 1 bicep curl at a time”


Throwback to 2 weeks before I won the foud abiad championships!
#mensphysique #themakingofabeast

“Google maps has been updated”
#mensphysique #themakingofabeast #bicepworkout

“Hope is not a strategy”
@coach_oliver_v 📸 @pjamnicky

The #V-taper #back #workout!

1-Lat- pull down
Set 1- high volume 20/25 reps hold the last 4 reps at peak contraction point.
Set-2-3-4-5 12/15 reps
2-Barbell bent over row wide handle grip. Sets 15-12-8-6-6
3- Single arm cable row
Sets 15-15-15-15
4- wide handle grip cable pullover or/lat prayer sets 15-15-15- amrap💥

📸 @pjamnicky

Friday #arm poomp #workout!!💪🏼 Set 1- High volume 20-25 reps ez bar standing curls.
Set - 2- 15 reps ez bar drag curls.
Set -3 12 reps ez bar standing curls.
Set -4. 8 reps drag curl drop set to standing curls > amrap.

Set -1 Reverse grip cable extensions high volume 20-25 reps.
Set - 2 💎 push-ups 15 reps
Set - 3. Reverse grip elbow drag extensions 12 reps with a 2 sec iso hold at every rep.
Set 4 - 12 reps 💎 push-ups drop set to reverse grip cable extensions > amrap.
#happyflexfriday 💪🏼💪🏼

Important points to know when #training #chest

1-Stability in your structure and stance.
2- Creating simultaneous push/pull movement by retracting the shoulder blades with the lats.
3- Full grip (unless injured or targeting outside of the chest).
4- Hold the highest contraction point on exercises such as flys and cable presses.
5-contract your abs at eccentric and concentric points of contraction to maintain time under tension.

#ThrowbackThursday to a previous chest #workout

Rooftop guerrilla 📸 with the amazing @pjamnicky 👀

😎 with a high of... completely baked...

Pilates for bros 💪🏼! Ps I’m not making fun of Pilates this shit is actually legit!

☀️ 🏖

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