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Make your everyday moments epic with the new Galaxy S9 | S9+. With an amazing 960 frame per second Super Slow-Mo camera, you are full-equipped to create wonderful moments anywhere, anytime, even in your kitchen.

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Snowfall or sugar?

In 960 frame per second, you can find the epic in every moment.

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Who would have thought that you can create an epic moment in your own kitchen?

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Upload your favorite playlist because #GearIconX could save up to 1000 tracks, just listen to your music without having to pull your smartphone out from your pocket.

Listen to your favorite music clearly, with substantial bass and wider range of volume. Maximize your music experience with #GearIconX #DiscoverABetterYou 🎶🎶

Ready for your sight-seeing around the city? Connect your Gear IconX, elevate your mood with good music, and you’re good to go!

From up to 7 hours playbacks to Quick Charging capability, you don’t have to be worry about time and just enjoy your stroll around the city! #DiscoverABetterYou

Celebrate exclusive offers Trade In event at Lotte Avenue & Summarecon Mall Serpong this week, 20-22 April 2018. Cashback up to Rp 600.000. Check the link in our bio for more info!

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Slow down the time and take in the happiness, all with the stunning 960 fps Super Slow-Mo on the Galaxy S9 | S9+. Share your own epic Super Slow-Mo moments and use hashtags #GalaxyS9 #WithGalaxy #EpicFun so we can see them!

Creating epic moments is only one tap away with Super Slow-Mo feature on the Galaxy S9 | S9+. Have you tried it out?

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As free as bird fly away to show your creativity. It’s time for you now to capture your own epic moments & get the chance to be featured on our page. #WithGalaxy #GalaxyS9 #EpicJourney

Switching the dual aperture on the magnificent Samsung Galaxy S9 | S9+ as easy as the human eyes adapting to the low light condition. Swipe left to see the epic f1.5 result #WithGalaxy. #GalaxyS9 #EpicJourney

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