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Finish the week with chest and back!

Starting the week off with backday!

Finishing the week off with arms!

Give these tri-sets a go at the end of my push/pull day. They killed me!

Finished my leg workout with a tri set of goblet squats/leg extention/sissy squats. The quads were burning!

Finally back in the gym. Starting with arms today, I went to fail on every exercise but was aiming for about 20 reps on each. Give it a go!

Afternoon arms session from today

Building those shoulders and arms!

Starting the week with back. Pre-exhausted my lats with high reps / supersets and then finished with heavy rack pulls. Its important to retract you scapula and squeeze your lats during the rack pulls if you want to maximize growth!

Push/pull supersets!

Don’t just throw calves or hamstring on the end of a leg workout, give them their own day! They deserve it 😎

Just bi’s and tri’s today

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