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Samuel Ng  #LFC #YNWA #DoWhatYou❤️️ #PositiveVibes #Love 우 영안 吴永安

#leekwangsoo likes to wear loose shirts and long sleeves which makes him look sloppy as he's tall.

#yoonbomi #apink has real good taekwondo kicks as she showed with #Jisukjin #YooJaeSuk and #choiminyong
👉#RunningMan344 episode 344

Does anything escape the eye of #KimJongKook ? Imagine he captured 3 of the opposite group members like #YooJaeSuk #SongJihyo and #yoonbomi ..
👉#RunningMan344 episode 344

#yoonbak is a film fan competed with #KimJongKook on a filmography competition.. He didn't believe that #KimJongKook could get the film title right using the first word!! And #KimJongKook did it 4 times in a row. And would you believe #KimJongKook doesn't watch many movies?
👉#RunningMan345 episode 345

#KimJongKook got the passport stamped 3 times by figuring out the response to foreign language response based on a phrase book. Believe me it's not easy! Then he passed the 4th and last mission to Sandara Park.
👉That showed how smart #KimJongKook is as Sandara Park speaks Tagalog and English! The next mission was going through Philippines customs!
👉she grew up in Philippines as her father moved there to start a business. Infact she became famous in Philippines first
👉#RunningMan345 episode 345

BBC news journalists went to South Korea and investigated to #sewolferry disaster and published this on 16 April 3rd anniversary
🔝it's a daring publication of their findings that it's the fault of South Korean government(then under Park Guenhye). Any newspaper that published such findings can easily be sued lotsa money

#minguk #daehan #manse born a few minutes apart but so different in character
👉character is something you're borne with

Mr and Mrs Kang 😃 took out the same surname from the bag. And many other incredible coincidences..
👉reminds me of #saimdang married a stupid man in order to save #leegyeom who loved her. 20 years later their paths crossed and he still helped her without any conditions. I would prefer such love

#leedongwook came to Singapore last weekend. He said he wished to use his super power in #Goblin to come to Singapore every week!! Nice guy
🔝many people say he looks more handsome when you see him close up!! Already he looks prettier than many girls

Everybody has a hidden side and some people call it the dark side. #KangGary and #SongJihyo are definitely good friends and even BFF. It doesn't mean their friendship ended but good friends sometimes don't marry! And we never know why
#Kanggary #songjihyo #garyjihyo #monggae #mongji #gaelly

Yesterday and today are saddest days
👉yesterday 28 years ago 96 Liverpool fans were unlawfully killed by the police!
👉3 years ago today 296 students ( the vice principal of Danwon High school committed suicide after the disaster ) because the ship captain and South Korean maritime authority let the students die through sheer neglect and lack of effort
👉yesterday 105 years ago 1517 people died when the Titanic sank due to sheer neglect of shipping company and captain
#hillsborough #sewolferry #titanic

Did you know a lady can hug a guy?But if a guy hugs back, that's a different story
🙄and Jihyo's body is away from #KimJongKook in case people think she likes all guys

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