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First time seeing my "big" brother Chris in almost a decade, needless to say I grew a little bit and we needed a new comparison. The days of getting shoved in the back seat if his Trans Am are long gone. My size may be an anomaly, but there's no denying the hereditary nature of that Schwyter smile. My only wish is that @mschwyter and @anna_doesit could have joined us #family #brothers #behemoth #biglittlebrother

Coming up on five years with these block heads, and I couldn't be more thankful for having them and their undying loyalty. No matter what happens or how long I'm gone, they're always, without fail, wiggling their butts off when I walk up to the door. #pitbullsofinstagram #dogdad #blockheadwigglebutts

It was tough getting them to sit still to make this work but I figure since I'm a #basicwhitebitch I'd give it a try. #barkbox actually had a cool one this month with an Alice in Wonderland theme. . .
#dogdad #pitbullsofinstagram #blockheadwigglebutts #waghatter

The "I swallowed a dead fish in one gulp before dad could grab it" look. Welp, it's been a week and no sickness or blood, so I'm gunna say she processed that one fully. .
#garbagegut #bellarabbit #pitbullsofinstagram #dogdad

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, I bet you can't do dubs, Mr Ali #calledout
I bought my first speed rope four months ago and could barely string ten together after my embarrassingly long hiatus from fitness. Now my PR is 183 dubs strung together, and I'll be damned if I'm not in the 200 club by the end of the summer.

#rogue #ryourogue #dubsmash #shouldersonfire #thosecalvesthough

If you're not blasted, wearing nothing but war paint, silkies, American flag shades, and a squid hat, while playing quarters and launching fireworks from your bear hands (yes I spelled that right) into Canadian airspace, I don't even want to hear about how you celebrated this most holy of days. #4thofjuly #americathebeautiful #silkies

Finally caught roxy doing a derp. It's okay though because we're on vacation #pitbullsofinstagram #derp #lakeontario

#transformationtuesday is about keeping yourself accountable, whether it's taking/posting progress pictures, tracking measurements, recording workouts, or all of the above. I chose option D.
This is me on April 18, and again on June 22nd. Only about a 12# drop, but an estimated 4% body fat difference (I was between measurements at both pictures). And when you weigh 236#, that's a lot of fluff to cut in two months.
I couldn't have done this without guidance and motivation from @stevelynchfitness and @bill_lohr, both amazing trainers and very knowledgeable individuals. #guyswholift #fitfam #functionoverform #justkidding #swoleisthegoal #sizeistheprize #silkies #rogue #skysoutthighsout #basicbitch I

Alcohol inbound, fucks outbound. Getting ready to #sendit while I #sendit, living as a #zerolifer in my favorite @zulufucxs apparel

Being on top of the world is meaningless if you haven't been at the bottom

When being a badass is the only life you know. 12 miles on the #appalachiantrail in a crop top and almost-too-tight silkies. Needless to say, all who gazed upon my majesty we struck by awe and temporary blindness.

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