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Tattooer | Vienna, Austria  Based at @ViennaElectricTattoo 🍉Next bookings💁Saturday 25th March from 12-14:00uhr for May-July. Guesting in Berlin @taikogallery April 25-27

Piggie Piggie Piggie can't you see, sometimes your words just hypnotize me. #Vegan power had Felix sitting super well for me. Thanks for getting such a great animal #tattoo

Got to make these symbol-riddled hands on my friend and fellow tattooer @danielasageltattoo ✌🏻

29 year old 🦁 fun challenge, and great to have a close look at an old tattoo. Something I recommend every tattooer who cares for their long term reputation should do

Etching style shoulder Peyones 🌿Just organised a guest spot in Berlin for the end of April @taikogallery holler if you wanna be my friend/customer/both

Do you love Falcons but hate Jaguars? Perhaps one disrespected you or your crew in the past? Maybe you just can't stand their damned attitude? I got you. Two copies of this Fighting Falcon available. €52 incl world wide shipping, or €45 pick up from @viennaelectrictattoo measures 59x27cm on 290gsm museum quality cotton rag. Signed and embossed. Leave your email below to grab it, or swoop into my online store ✌️️

He snapped off his leg and handed it to me. I washed my hands outside in the snow . . . . . #ravenclaw #watercolor #illustration #ink #raven #harrypotter #sorted #naturalhistory #specimen #vienna #viennaart #wien #kunstler

"You're so cute when you're jealous" brand new A4 size Museum quality print. €32 incl world wide shipping, or pickup from @viennaelectrictattoo drop your email below for an invoice. Thanks so much for your support!!

Start of a coverup, better than watergate cause this involves a Zebra

Got to make this truncated skull drawing by #leonardodavinci for Stefans first tattoo 💀Would love to tattoo more #oldmasters, my next consult day is Saturday 25th March from 12-14:00uhr at @viennaelectrictattoo for May-July

Origami Chickens, kindly modeled by Miss Jenny. Get em mailed out to you no matter where you are for just €45. They are a set of four, high quality A5 sized chickey babes, and I promise they will not have any poop on them. Leave your email below for an invoice 🐔 🔻#happychinesenewyear

Nina holds it down. Her hands, on her shins. #tattoo

Just got these crazy chromed out stickers in the mail. Goin out free with every order. Online store back in action, check it out ♠️