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Samantha Piette  Crafter. Craft beer drinker. Giggler. Married to @jpruns. Benjamin is our son. Vermonter at heart but currently posing as a Mainer.

Spending some time with this cute kid in the sunshine! #summer #sunshine #ilovemyboy #hashtagblessed
Alternative caption: I was attempting two minutes of peace and quiet while he was playing at his water table. Just before climbing up on top of me and into the hammock he crapped his pants. So not only was my two minutes of peace interrupted by being climbed upon by a kid with bony knees and elbows, but it was interrupted by a stinky toddler who gives no shits (hehe, puns).

Currently drinking: A Beer Has No Name by Liquid Riot. Cheers! #ivewaitedoverayearforthis #itsreallyhardtotakephotosofblackcans

Look & Find books are his favorite.

When you just let things grow in your flower beds (because you didn't plant them and you don't want to rip out something that isn't a weed) you end up with lots of thorny bushes and weeds. But sometimes those thorny bushes yield black raspberries and you're really glad you didn't pull them out.

When the neighbor is walking her dog and everyone needs to go see. #smalltown #nothingreallyhappenshere #creepers

He drew a "rainbow" on the driveway and exclaimed, "I can't wait to show Daddy! He's going to love it!" When I suggested that we take a photo in case it rains and gets washed away this is the face he made.

The other day I caught Ben playing with some of my potting soil. This wouldn't we weird for anyone else with a boy (or likely a girl either) but for me it's out of the ordinary. My kid does not like to be dirty. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty. He was never one of those babies who smeared spaghetti sauce all over his face at dinner just because he could. To see him voluntarily stick his hands in a bunch of dirt was definitely worth documenting.

"Mummy look. Puppy's laying with me. I like him."

I absolutely love being back on the East Coast and the ability to drive to camp on a random Sunday and spend the day with my family in my favorite place.

My rainbow baby. πŸ’™

I told Ben that when it's raining but the sun is shining it usually means there will be a rainbow. When he spotted it he went running down the driveway pointing and yelling, "a rainbow! A rainbow! I see a rainbow!" He was so excited. It made my heart melt a little witnessing the joy he experienced seeing his first rainbow. πŸ’™πŸŒˆ

The lilies are easily my favorite part of my flower gardens. πŸŒΈπŸ’—

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