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DiRTY UNCLE SAM.  I'm everybody's dirty uncle. I live for the crusty's @montys_vitaleyes πŸŽ₯πŸ“·πŸš½πŸ”ͺπŸ’£

Then I make myself a smoothie. Then me and wifey make a movie.

Had a blast today at brew fest today! Pops didn't win this year but he knows he was the low key crowd favorite.

Here's me and my momma rocking out cause she is awesome! Thx momma for being a momma.

Cards game for the boys

My guyest of guys, my dudiest of dudes. The non-pork eating, 1 ply wiping, south city repping Lad. Happy 21st to this dude who never fails to get rowdy with me and get greasy on a weekday. It was only right that your 21st was at the birth place of our friendship, Bobbys place. Love you brother ane can't wait for tonight! @sachi284

Happy 21st to you boys! @dbrown265 & @purplehayez67 this town did a number on us and I loved every bit of it!

Wendy, I'm home.

New video - [LINK IN BIO] @montys_vitaleyes. Just som3 throw away clips from the past year. Haven't posted skating in a while so watch the homies kill it and clown.

Heard it national puppy day, so here are my two pups. #pupsnation #Louie #Lucifer #allmydogsbark #mansbestfriend #campbellandlouieswinenight

πŸ€ the pope, beers, (shout out random $2 beerman) the pope, and my homies. Gosh darn that was a solid day. #TammAveBrawlers #luckoftheirish #dogtown #wheredogsbelong

They played happy birthday by mac miller at wine wednesday, idk if that's even close to as awesome as you are as a human. Happy birthday you pond scum machead. How was that 11am class??? #worstdude #didntgotohis11am #winewednesdays #forthebooks #satanicreadingafterhours #faces #thewaterisfine #pondscumenthusiast #getupletsgetbreakfast

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