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  I'm a real true gangster ... Also cuts hair better then most these corny ass so called barbers out there in the game that ruined this thing of ours

Now what the hell is this ?? IS THIS WHAT BARBERING HAS COME TO PAINTING on someone's head really ??? Let me tell you SOMTHING that does notable you a barber ok at all I'm sick of all this bullshit going on in the BARBERING INDUSTRY coloring portraits in ppls heads calling it barbering wtf that is so far from barbering !!!! What happend to greeting a gentlemen giving him a good conversation and not listening to fucking headphones !!! Fucking rude and what ever happen to scissors do ppl even use them anymore ??? Do ppl even know what not pushing a hairline back mean ??? Please if your gonna call yourselves barber please man up and be a professional about it and stop acting and cutting like your still in your basement doing 5 dollar haircuts for real and please stop with the fucking pastel crayons what ever the fuck you ppl use to draw on somones head !!!! Try the art business for that because your give barbers a bad name and I'm sick of it !!! All you would hear back in the day I. A real barber shop was scissors cutting away at the hair with a nice low rumble of men talking about real men shit !!!!!! Now all you hear is clippers if you can hear them over some loud ass corny music like drake wtf wake up ppl

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