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What Satan meant for evil... God turned around for good.
2010 was a very challenging year for my family.
We began the year with my Dad getting laid off from his job.

Same year, 10th May I got ran over by a Nissan Path Finder... Miraculously, I survived. I was stitched awake, felt & saw the surgical needle & thread going in & out my skin.

Same year,Few weeks later, My immediate elder sister, Dienye Olivia Akinipere Poli was attacked.
We still can't explain how a car moving forward automatically stops, reverses, goes forward again & summersaults. She suffered temporary memory loss... But she survived.

Mum (even if she wouldn't admit it.. & I love her for that) suffered depression, fear & a huge financial burden.

My kid brother was just.... Clueless.

Then the last dose, my beautiful Sister (whose picture is displayed below) Nabiribere Freda, had to undergo a surgery. She had initially taken off a tooth that left a sore which affected her gum down to her jaw bone. They had to take off almost a half part of her jaw bone... Through it all, we survived.

I'm typing this with a smile on my face and Thanksgiving in my heart to the Lord. This is 7 years later & we're greater as a family, doing exploits in different areas.

A lot of people chat me up for counsel & they use the popular line "Sammy, You won't understand..", I smile & reply " Trust me, I do". The above testimony is a proof of God's saving grace & unending mercy, a reminder that you can bounce back & that God will never test you above what you can overcome or withstand.
No matter how challenging the situation may look, he always creates a way of escape.

Lately, I've been going through some serious challenges but I say to myself "This too shall pass!". I walk head high, with that smile on my face towards the Goliath & like David, I Say " I slew the bear & the lion... & You uncircumcised Philistine will become as one of those. "... Hallelujah! Hahahahaaa!! You can overcome, guys! I believe in each & everyone of you reading this. On behalf of the Minafuro Hart Family... I say thanks to you for your love & support.


My life's story would be incomplete without you, Sir.
Your strength strengthens me, your wisdom makes me wise, the brightness on your face lightens mine up, your love & selflessness is second to none.
I celebrate you Sir.
I love you Pastor @lanreoluseye

Hello #RSU #HARTs & #SweetHARTs,
I'll be with you this Friday Evening... What song would you love to hear??
Kindly leave a comment πŸ˜‰

"Small minds only discuss people... Blah blah blah blah blah blaaah... Blah blah blah blah." #JohnnyAndSalome by @iamsotiee
Please, go download this song...
Link on his bio.

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It's happening tomorrow...
I hope you're ready?!

Join us tonight as we celebrate Jesus....

Happy Birthday Pastor.
Thanks for being a teacher & a father to us all... & for giving out lives a meaning by showing the life - transforming word of God.
We love you Sir.
#Offer7 #Dec7 #CelebratingGodsGift @pstchris_oyakhilome

Make a conscious effort to put a #smile on someone's face today... #Nigeria's on the top 30 list of suicide-prone #countries of the #world.
You can change the narrative. Go beyond prayers. Save someone from depression & sadness by doing little things like calling (just to check up), sending a goodwill sms, paying a visit, being a source of encouragement, etc.

#Love #life #God #People #Humanity #Earth #Jesus #Africa #Black #White #PortHarcourt #PortHarcourtSabiTheTin

It's Monday...
Pick your Man Crush...
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