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Sam VanDresser  FL β€’ FSU

Sun, salt, and sistas to end the sumsum 🌞

"Try it, I promise it's good"

Take me back to this place where there are liters of local wine for €3 and Costas

Nothin better than last minute day trips to put some din on the table <-🐟--

Spearing and playing with all kinds of bacon this weekend πŸ‡§πŸ‡ΈπŸŒž #nonamecay #hogfish #greenturtle #bahamas #freedive

Pretty much how this slow Monday morning is feelin today.

Flowers with a view

This water tops Bahamas water and that says a lot #inlovewiththisplace #lifeisbetterontheisland #regaki #antiparos

Sunsets are proof that every day ends beautifully, especially in Greece

Life in Lefkes goes a little like this.

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