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Samm Pinkoff |21|👑  ✰NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO CLICK BELOW; ☼snapchat: sammpinkoff ♛priv insta: iamsammpinkoff ☽twitter: sammpinkoff ♡it's a blessing with you; 12.17♡


Check out who’s ready to flaunt their flat tummy! Another round of @flattummytea down, and it was even better than before. No more bloat, and no more sluggishness has me feeling on top of the world! Hit them up, they’ve got this tummy game plan stuff down pat.

trying new things with my favorite person; minus 5 degree bar where everything's made of ice (seats, your glass w liquor, the decorations, the bar & the walls) ❥

Time to ditch the sweats - I’m coming in HOT this summer!! Perfect timing, @flattummytea JUST kicked off a 20% sale, so grab your girls and your fav crop top.. cuz summer is about to get OWNED! The more I sip, the more my tummy wants to peel off all of the layers! I mean sweaters are okay for winter, but last I checked the cold is gone…so my tummy and I are totally ready for a longggggg, hot, summer which involves zero bloating, and flat, tight tummies. 👉🏼 flattummytea.com - go check em out girls! (ps. i gained some weight over the year, not much but still makes me want to go back down to my original happy weight so)

Summer’s just around the corner, and I’m coming in HOT thanks to @flattummytea! My tummy is lookin summer-flat, and my crop top collection is about to get freaking OWNED! My trusted tea never lets me fall off track in my summer prep! Omg, and have you heard? They’re having a 20% OFF sale right now! You need to get your hands on some at www.flattummytea.com before they sell out!

happy birthday to me 👑🎂🎈 #21

happy 6 months to my favorite person in the entire world, i love you more than life itself ❤️

OMG @sneakyvaunt you’re actually a dream.. I can’t even cope!! I’m saying hellllo to the backless dress that’s been in the back of my closet forever, I’ll def be sneakin’ into it now that I’ve got this strapless, backless pushup! They’ve got black and nude, which one are you going to vaunt it in?

If you thought I was obsesseed with my @flattummytea last time, better sit down.. ‘cause this round is EVEN better! My bloat’s on it’s way out, my tummy is looking super flat.. so you bet I’ve got a smile on my face! Honestly this never lets me down, you’ve got to check them out for yourself!

i love you're quirky high pitch laugh when i tickle you, i love your dimple and your smile. i love the way you try so hard to make me happier than i am, i love the way you hold me and squeeze me real tight. you're everything i could ever want and you don't have a bone in your body that would ever cheat on me or be disloyal and that's new for me. thank you so much for being in my life, can't wait to spend forever with you ♡ thank you for being you!

passin' up on my old ways (lowkey acc tagged)

I’ve got a new bae in my life… @sneakyvaunt I’m so crushing on you!! Actually fell so hard ‘cause there’s no straps, or back, but the cleavage…? I can’t even cope! Are you vaunting it yet??

I’m over panicking when I see bloat creeping back in now, ‘cause I know @flattummytea has me covered! Ever feel like your food baby is actually quadruplets? Yeah, that was me on Monday, but I know FTT will get my tummy where I need it to be ASAP. I’ll let you know all the deets about this round as I go! Comment if you’re on board with this tea too! (new video in bio)!

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