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Samm Pinkoff 👑  ♡lost my active followers but it's ok; 12.17♡ ☼snapchat: sammpinkoff ♛priv insta: iamsammpinkoff ☽twitter: sammpinkoff_ ✰new youtube vid below✰

disregard my tongue trying to make its way out while i smile, but focus on the reason i'm smiling, it's who's behind taking this photo ♡

he fell hard during rollerskating but not as hard as i fell for him ♡ (ps: it 'twas his 1st time)

what's everyone's favorite song right now? i wanna find some new songs and see if anyone has the same fav as me!!?!?! turn my post notifications on & if you have them on lmk💕

why is it so hard for girls to make more girl friends now a days.... DM me when your notifications are on for me with proof so i can reply 😊

NEW VIDEO IS UP! Find out the truth about my past relationship! THE video and answers everyone's been waiting for! READ THE DESCRIPTION ON THE VIDEO FOR other things that i didnt include in the video!!! link in my bio!!!!!! thanks so much youtube!

please read: tomorrow i will be recording a video that i have, for three years now, been wanting to record and upload to my channel. this will most certainly answer a lot of your questions and cover everything about my past relationship that was so "social media" out there. i will be explaining from the beginning all the way through and telling the TRUTH... nobody got to hear. This will help people who went and or are going through the same thing and it will just clarify the reasoning for my youtube absence and instagram inactiveness over the past 3-4 years. Make sure you are subb'd to my youtube. The link is in my bio, then click "sub" under the video! Click the bell to be notified when it is uploaded tomorrow! Thank you to my day 1's!

hi guys, what's your favorite color? comment below, i'll like your comment if mines the same!! (don't forget to follow my private @iamsammpinkoff ) 💕

i remember the first time meeting you & i remember that i knew my life was about to change ♡

weirdly missing the USA (florida) that's rare for me to say.

favorite hairstyle, too bad i can't do it for myself // santa cruz

happy anniversary and happy st patrick's day from your favorites❤☘️ i love you

this picture is so clear, idk i luvvvv

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