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President Underwood  Spread love, and love smart Philippians 1:9-10

Big shout out to the lovely couple Harry and Meghan, I’m truly honored you invited me to your wedding, Harry you’ve been like a brother to me so naturally I’m genuinely happy for you bro. Photocred: @oprah

#tbt just cuz i wanna do it again #skydivebaltimore

“Trust the process” a phrase i say over and over in my head thinking back to when i was under 12 they use to sit me in a room with everyone else my age and told me “not enough jollof rice you guys get white rice” and then skimp on the meat i hit 13 and i got my jollof rice but because of my age i got a small portion it barely touched the bottom of my stomach. As i think about those hard times i think of Acts, I now get two plates of the good jollof when i leave the event, the servers even bless me with the good plantain from the back. And when i get home i still take meat from the pot. *praise break* God even saw fit to give me a full beard that i can cut and grow how ever i want *praise stomp* you can clearly see God is saying Yoruba men matter #afrosingles #yorubamenmatter #timmyajulo

Got a lot of weddings this year and i will be attending all that I’m invited to and the ones I’m not. So PSA to my Africans it there is Ghanaian jollof or anything other than Nigerian jollof l, understand i will bring my own tray of rice or else I’m not coming. All my Americans please understand i May wear my agbada to your wedding. Inform guest i won’t be taking questions or letting them know wear to cop one, i use to be an “African booty scratcher” so yea they won’t get put on... @kimonokollection got some new suit i want so please let me know i can place my orders with him. I’ve been featured on @bellanaijaweddings @theshaderoom and a few other wedding pages so please if you need a photographer i can connect you with 2. And as you comply the Lord will continue to bless you in Jesus.

Been. A whole year and change and @bellanaijaweddings still got us trending like it was yesterday. Look even @porsha4real wanna know waddup!! just goes to show you, You can put jelly on a fish but it still won’t make it a jellyfish. after everyone tried to duplicate the shot. There is no substitute for some suited up Yoruba men.#yorubamenmatter

The worst thing happening in my lifetime! This actually makes me sick to my stomach. Every time i have hope for humanity something like this comes up and makes my cringe. To sell a human being for $400!! The value of someone’s life is worth and there is even a video of them tying a man up just to beat and stab him to death. Something really has to be done because if they can find a way to do it there I’m sure they can find a way to bring in to your backyard, so I’m calling on everyone here in America, in the UK, Canada, Africa. You all have a platform and I’m calling on you to use it and not be silent. Even if you go bother your city official everyday form they to get the government to make a move. We have to find a way to end this, we can sit back this time because this is really disgusting. Hell even if you gotta tweet trump everyday, We need to take action

Ppl use labels to define things other use it to define ppl. I personally have been labeled and the label follows me til this very day. I did nothing to earn it I did not accept it but it has affected opportunities I’ve had in the past and the ones I will have in the future. I ask that you all join me as I’m tackling cause near to my heart, which is the stigma placed on Yoruba men called “Yoruba demons.” for years we’ve been labeled as demons, enemies of progress, some go as far as to say we just come into your life to scatter it. This is a false label put on my Yoruba brothers, and it handicaps us wen we are trynna be great. To all women out there you can help the lives of a Yoruba man, all you have to do is respond to your DM’s, follow us back, text back, accept date request and together we can fight this stigma placed on Yoruba men because “we matter too” #yorubamenmatter

Big congrats to my Brother @laflare1017 wish you and your wife many happy years. Had a great time photo cred: @hairweavekiller @theshaderoom #1017 #themaneevent #thewopsters

Please please please check out my little sister taking the world by storm!! Don’t sleep!!! Follow @imacelebbb for all her dance videos she make it look easy 🔥💃🏽💃🏽

Happy birthday to one the best guys I know man since birth been there through it all

my phone got ate by a lady bug at burger king while I was eating pancakes, the judge said I'd be fine I just couldn't post nothing for a while #timmyajulofashion #timmyajulo

First thing I must do is thank God for his grace and mercy upon my life, for he provides me the strength to do All i can do. Then I would like to say thank you to all of my family and friend for all your messages and prayers I am humbled by all the kind messages and prophetic words spoken into my life! You all are amazing and I am lost on words I can use to describe the kinda of love. I got today! From ppl that I meet in the last chapter and how ppl that see me year after year find new things they can say to me! I am truly blessed by you all of you. Honored to have you all apart of my life in one way or another! You are are valued and I try my best to show you all how valuable you are in this growth of mine. Again thank you you alll are very much appreciated! I love you all

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