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Samantha Perri  Alexa Brooke Perri Vinny "Hollywood" Perri Beloved Sister 💜 & Father 💙 06/11/15 - 11/16/04 Until we meet again, Keep the pearly gates open. 👼

I come from a line of beautiful, smart, wise, educated, lively, giving, compassionate, understanding souls. I am blessed we are blood. I love each and every one of you so much. Almost as much as DC’s tamarind margaritas. Thank you for washingtoning/marylanding with me 😘 #9deep #cousinsareyourfirstfriends #myfamisbetterthanyours

For the last week leading up until today, it’s been a process formatting how I’d even put my thankfulness into words.. let alone in eloquent form (without getting so soppy that the divulgence in thought would be translated into boogers and tears running down my face..) but here’t goes.

For the last 25 years I’ve been graced by your presence and vicariously blessed with your strength, perseverance and unmatched brain. I thank god for this, because if I would’ve been even a fragment more like dad, I’d be an (uncontrollable) loose cannon. 🤯

You effortlessly light up lives with dinners, coffee gatherings... you even make mechanics smile when you graciously tip them for overpriced oil changes (who does this?). You’re crafty and fun, you manage to turn any house into a home with the finest painting and decorating skills I’ve ever seen. You dress to the 9’s every single day; and even when Lex and I were too young to understand life’s fiscal difficulties, you never let $5 or $500 define who you are or what you bring to the table. You convinced us that life has no room for people with a heart sized too small. You raised us with grace, compassion, (then) unforeseen sacrifice, that I now know was the hope and dream of having kids surpass your expectations.

You’ve given up your whole life, literally every facet, to raise my sister and I; never once left us deserted, unloved, unfed, undressed. And though I mention this to you now, and you shrug at the notion (because as you say: “this is what parents are SUPPOSED TO DO”) - nothing about anything you’ve ever done has gone unnoticed, or unappreciated.
You define what it means to be both parents and what it means to be committed. You’re brilliant, your meatloaf is always on point, and you GET life.

You bring peace to all offerings. You take nothing more than what you come with, and yet the deposit that’s left with all who encounter your loving transaction(s) are remembered - forever.
This is something I can never, and wouldn’t ever take for granted. This is why I’m so proud and happy to be your kid.

Thank you ma. For always being you. For being my biggest blessing.

Happy 55th 🎂
I love you❤️

the glow up. #nofilter #2018tings

you ain’t really wild, you a tourist. 👹 #MMWTB

I am a (very) firm believer in persistence. My life, encompassed with so much good, and a good amount bad, is only a brief trial of what’s to come. Our tribulations bind to our soul like armor. It is up to us to push forward to excellence with grace and perseverance. A lot of people lose being humble and respectful along the way there.
While others find to be in a constant battle with who they can dominate in this field, I remember this battle is for myself, only. Head up even when the neck is weak.
Roughly 12 weeks ago I committed to finally finishing off my bachelors degree in nursing via an accelerated university program. The only way I found fit to do this was to trust myself and dive in.
Working full time, taking classes both online and in school, on top of trying to have a (somewhat) normal social life, while paying the bills and keeping a balanced head is no joke. Back when I was in nursing school in 2015, I dropped my full time job and committed solely to finish (and did). This time around, I’m working twice as much, twice as exhausted. (And also older and farty-er.) I’m posting this not to gloat, but to promise to others overcoming hardship, faced with others reaming jaded opinions and scoffing negativity onto others dreams’ that: anything you put your mind to is very possible. Anything you want is attainable. You just need a plan and a goal - and even moreso, you need to stick to it.

3 weeks left until the next bundle of nerves shoot the shit.

Let me help you believe in you. ❤️ always,

freckle szn. 😘

I love you both more than life itself. #tripleinferno 🔥

ponies and lashes all day. 👱🏻‍♀️ #hairgoals2018 #wasntbaldjustblonde #damndanielbackatitagain

I weighed myself this morning and nearly fell to the ground; I am numerically smaller than I was 8 years ago my last year of high school. Every day offers an open opportunity to quit; keeping my eyes on the prize has always been something I’ve never allowed tribulations to cease. Thank you god. Thank you weight watchers. Thank you friends and family. I’m coming back for everything they said I couldn’t have; “Sam you have such a pretty face - you could be a model, BUT..... (nothing).” #2yearsinthemaking #nosurgery #aunatural #bloodsweatandtears

waterproof mascara isn’t waterproof, but 80 pounds lost off my being makes me feel bulletproof. #icansoiwill 🤙

you were so beautiful & the whole world knew it. #memoriescaptured

It wasn’t just the similar mannerisms, faces, expressions, and tone that made us sisters; it was the atypical erratic monetary things we would do on the daily that solicited who we were and what we brought to the table to all who knew us. The Perri’s.

Had I known 3 years ago this would be one of the last times we’d be able to experience weird shit together, I probably would’ve grabbed you and never let go.

Time doesn’t heal all wounds, it masks them. Like a scab over a cut, or staples over an incision, the skin mends, the scars stay.

Lex... I’ve been through hell and back these last 3, but somehow, I feel like all the adversity I’ve endured is nearly nothing compared to the mind state of which you sowed actions unforgivingly.

I once read this quote:
“Losing a parent is similar to losing the past - hope of what was. Losing a child is similar to losing the future - hope of what could’ve been. Losing a sibling is like losing both; the seeds of memories that would’ve blossomed into what would’ve been the future.“ I am seedless, flowerless. The closest I come to, are the flowers that bloom where you lay, now.

It fucking hurts.

I think about you every day.

I just hope you think of me, too.

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