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Samantha πŸ–€  πŸ‚Cosplayer πŸ‚Gamer πŸ‚obsessed with LOZ ,OW πŸ‚Goal: 1,000 followers πŸ‚ πŸ‚Check out my Facebook page!!


Another #zelda ❀️ you can't see my tattoo 😣

Ya know I keep forgetting how good of a game #breathofthewild is!

More #terra to kick off the weekend. I hurt my hands at work 😣 so I'm gonna try and make a Harley mask and do a thing tomorrow! 😊

Might do a Harley make up thing this Saturday? Might stream Saturday? What would you guys want?

I really like this in black and white? Well anyways I'm gonna try and see what I can make with the stuff I have (: and hopefully get my stream up.and running!

Let's talk about lingerie and sexy shoots. To be honest I love doing these because with each one I get to be a little bit more confident! Ive fallen a bit off track from my diet so I have a little tummy now but I'm still trying to love my body in any state it's in ❀️ I've thought about stopping these shoots because I felt like people would judge me for doing this but I've finally come to realize that this is me and this is what I want. If it makes me feel better I shouldn't care about the people telling me not to post stuff like this! Love yourself and love what you do and just be happy! I know this isn't cosplay but who said you can't be a kick ass Cosplayer and a sexy lingerie model at the same time πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

More #terra πŸ’›πŸ’›

So here's a late night post, sorry guys I just got a job at Amazon leaving at 5:30AM and not getting home till 7:00 :'D so enjoy this selfie that I've been iffy to post.

So here is a Terra thing I did! What do you guys think?

I have no clue what I'm doing with my hand in most my pictures lol but! I'm stuck on my next big costume!!! Should I do my from guardian from destiny 2 or huntress widow Maker? Or maybe even a different widow skin? Maybe even original mercy! What do you guys think? I'm looking for a bad ass challenge!

I don't usually like doing this face but oh well! Hopefully no can do a shoot with this costume soon!

I know my face looks super dorky but I can't believe I got to meet @ulovelucie as mercy πŸ’œ when you meet your mains VC as your main!!!

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