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Samuel Leighton-Dore  Queer writer and visual artist living on the Gold Coast 💦 #HowToBeABigStrongMan. Use my stickers by searching ‘@samleightondore’ in the GIF searchbar

Healthy male friendship 🔥 SMALL DICK DOMINANCE 💪🏻 Overcoming mummy issues the MANLY way! #howtobeabigstrongman

Finally reunited with this one tomorrow (in freezing Tasmania, no less!) after a long five weeks 🌹@bradtennant

“Now, off to sleep.” 💕🛏 #howtobeabigstrongman

Welcome to my office ✨💕🌈 ft my ‘don’t get hung up on a dick’ wall hook. #fragilemasculinity

Speaking of tattoos, my tattooed flaccid willy sculptures are available to buy on my store now: 💕✨ I’m really looking forward to exploring the theme of fragile masculinity in my ceramics over the coming months! Every purchase comes with a free ‘Fragile Masculinity’ packaging sticker.

"Tattoos, if nothing else, are a way of reminding myself of all the life I’ve lived, or simply survived; my version of leaving tally markings on a prison wall or dog-earing a good book." I wrote for SBS about why tattoos aren’t just for tough guys, but can be an expression of self-love. Link in my bio 💕

Tag yourself, I’m top right 💪🏻 #howtobeabigstrongman

My new kiln arrives soon (!!) so I’m taking pre-orders for a big new batch of my willy clipping vases 💛💦 Up now on my website (link in bio). I’ll keep pre-orders open for the next two weeks and ship these fragile bbs in the first week of August. Each vase comes with a free ‘Fragile Masculinity’ sticker. Thanks everyone for the lovely support and encouragement 🤗💕 #fragilemasculinity

The lovely people over at @The_Dots_UK asked some queer industry leaders to come up with a list of 100 trailblazing LGBTIQ+ creatives for Pride and the very generous @brendanmcknight chose me (alongside some amazing local talent). You can find the list here: (This photo of me is by @lucylemasurier who I love and miss) #championingdiversity

Flaccid tattooed willies on a first date 😙#fragilemasculinity

Wow, man mathematics! 😮📈 #howtobeabigstrongman

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