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Samantha Kennedy  Crazy triathlete, wife to a crazy triathlete and new mommy to my sweet little girl! Slalom skier, trick skier, downhill backcountry adventurer

A very happy birthday to my wonderful husband and an amazing daddy @kennetdk !! I might consider giving him a break from washing bottles for one day since it is his birthday... but probably not 🤪

A couple of outtakes from Evie’s 8 month photo shoot... this kid really loves trying to eat ALL THE THINGS! #evelynalyse #8monthsold #blueeyedbaby #everythinginmymouth @kennetdk

Life keeps getting busy and I keep forgetting to post these! So now I’m 4 days late, but better late than never! Our sweet little Evelyn Alyse is already 8 months old! Time has flown by. She has continued to master her rolling skills, attempts to feed herself and has her first word: dada... should have been mama, but oh well ;) #evelynalyse #8monthsold #triathlonlife @kennetdk

This past weekend I had a mega brick of run-bike-run-bike-run-bike-run and Evelyn joined me, but her “workout” consisted of jumper-swing-jumper... I think she had more fun!! #triathlonlife #triathlete #traversecity703 #brickworkout

Well @kennetdk and I are two days late, but our goofy little girl Evelyn is already 7 months old!! She hasn’t figured out crawling yet, so her favorite mode of transportation is repeatedly rolling over... and she is pretty quick! For her “photo shoot” she got to wear her awesome @actionwater sports onesie from Mary! Evie loves it and already managed to get the tutu part into her mouth :) #evelynalyse #mastercraftboats #7monthsold

During our warm down at the end of a trainer ride, Evelyn decided she was done sitting in the swing by herself. So, we landed on a compromise and Evelyn finished the warm down with me. And apparently she really liked the movie @kennetdk and I were watching haha! #triathlete #triathlonlife #thefamilythatspinstogether

Thank you MSU Today for the very nice write up about my work to validate a 6 question screening tool to help identify disordered eating in athletes :) #eatingdisorderawareness

Still a little big, but Evie wanted to try on her new wetsuit! @kennetdk , She wants to know when she can get a waterski like mommy 😋 #evelynalyse #mastercraft #waterski

Why yes, that is a teeny tiny little wetsuit from @actionwater for my infant. She needs to look stylish in her grandpa’s #mastercraft ! #evelynalyse #waterski

Hanging out with Evie in between playing in the powder @schussmountain ! We were pleasantly surprise with a #powderday today! #evelynalyse

@kennetdk calls this one “snug as a bug in a rug!” #evelynalyse #blueeyedbaby

I can not believe our beautiful, goofy little girl is already 6 months old! She has become quite the talker and we can’t get enough of her smiles! She also really, really loves that thumb... 😂 #evelynalyse #6monthsold @kennetdk

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