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Loved today! Haven’t been in way too long!

This is my amazing son, he gives me so much happiness it’s not even comparable to anything in this world that I could describe! I love him more than I could ever put into words. I will fight for him to have the happiest and stress free life he deserves! I don’t spoil my kid, I am molding him to be a much better man to woman than most men on this earth are to their significant others. Not all men are bad and his father is a great father. Raise your sons to be kind, generous and affectionate... who treat their mothers with respect. Because how they treat their mothers, is how they will treat their future wife/husband.

I’ve felt extremely lost for a long time... I finally recognized myself in the mirror today. It feels right.. #beyourself #beunique #loveyourself #newhair #redhair #backtonormal ... I think the part that stings the most is that now that I look like I did, I’m not acknowledged in the ways I use to be. And that’s a great thing, fuck that and anyone who doesn’t like it ;) this is me asshole.

If you work well together, amazing things come from that connection.
This goes for anything, it could be about your job, your love life, school, personal goals.. whatever it may be, be scared.
Don’t not do something because it scares you. Do it because it scares you.

Get out of your comfort zone and fight for what you want. If you want happiness, go do the things that will make you happy!
If you want love, fight for that relationship.
If you want money in your bank account, work hard for it and make yourself a budget to start saving.
Anything you want to do, you CAN do it.
The only person stopping you from it, is you.
Love, Sam

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I remember when I was little, swimming here.... and spent countless hours perfecting my dive. I still got it ❤️ now to teach the models my other skill, posing under water 😉#grammashouse PS. Remember to take off your mascara lol

My son on my grammas grand piano 🎹 something we use to love to do together

Florida sunset #sunset

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