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samira dayana 

if i had to describe you with a song,that would be ‘Left in the snow’ by Alicks.
Even though this song could sound very sad to others,to me it isn’t like that at all;it makes me feel at peace with myself and with everything around me,you too make me feel like this.
When i see you all of my bad thoughts and problems seem to disappear and i feel good.
There are so many things i’d like to say to you and about you but whenever i try to speak all of my courage seems to vanish and that’s why i can only write you letters and messages. ,even though you don’t know it,you helped me a lot and i’m infinitely grateful to you.You helped me to learn to love myself and show my love to others,you helped me to always do my best and learn that i should be proud of myself,you helped me to see life in another light.
There are many other things i’d like to say and that i haven’t said yet but i’ll encompass them in two words:thank you.
I promise you that one day,while looking into your eyes,i’ll be able to tell you everything i wrote and i’m writing in person.
I love you. 😍😍😍

Happy New Year oppa ♡️🎉 We always support you. 
We love you. 
We are one. 
EXO Saranghaja. ❤️ Fighting


Saranghae kai

내 사랑 케이

Baekhyun Oppa💕💕

Kai Oppa💖💖

EXO Congratulations💖💖💖

EXO Saranghae😍😍

Saranghae EXO😍😍


Kai and D.O

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