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Samin R.Mousavi 

پارسال، همين موقعها ... يادش بخير 😇

Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn't see the light until I was already a man, by then it was nothing to me but BLINDING! 👤 Bane (Tom Hardy) in Dark Knight Rises


از مانيتور عكس گرفتم، ديدم سريعترين روش انتقال اين جمله ى بتهوونه

#پرتره از دوست گراميم #آيدين_صبور براى پوستر مراسم رونمايى از كتابش به نام #پِلْكيدن
نشر چشمه با همکاری نشر ایجاز برگزار می‌کند
آیین رونمایی کتاب
آیدین صبور
زمان :هشتم اردیبهشت ساعت ۱۷ الی ۱۹
شهرک غرب، بلوار فرحزادی، خیابان حافظی، مجتمع تجاری آرن، کتابفروشی چشمه

Its such a privilege to be alive in the 21 st century, and to look out at stars to look down a microscope, to look down an electron microscope to look into a single cell, and see the prodigious stupefying complexity of a single cell and then realize that there are trillions of those cells in your body all conspiring together to produce a working machine, which can walk and run and eat and have sex and THINK! What a privilege it is for each of us to have in our heads an organ which is capable of constructing a model of the universe. It is sad that that model will die when our brain dies, but my goodness what a privilege it is befor we do die.

Professor #Richard #Dawkins

ميدونم خيلى خودشيفته واره آدم روزى دوتا عكس از خودش آپلود كنه 😆 منتها امروز پارك پرديسان بعد دو سه روز يهو آفتابى شد و منم چندتا عكس حين پياده روى گرفتم ولى اين از همه بهتر بود به لحاظ تركيب بندى و نور و اينا 😁🌞🍃

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