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Sami Niemelä  Designer, Creative Director. Always curious. Mostly about food, bikes, kids, places, states of mind & work in progress.

Tell me design doesn't have the power to change the world and I'll show you this: feedback from last weekend's @edacyhq bootcamp in Senegal is pouring in. I am getting very emotional while reading all this. So awesome, so grateful. Go team Rhino, go #edacy #epfl

This piece is called: "Reading about gay moomins on train and missing your stop." Thank you, thank you. 🐒

#grandone head of jury-ing done. Big up for all the jugdes in all categories. Looks like it's going to be a good one this year.

A bunch of design mentors / instructors hanging out at the end of a safari. The baobap tree here is the tomb of the storytellers(griots), who are the original historians of Africa.
The tradition was griots have never worked the soil and, as a result, cannot be buried in the ground but under baobap trees instead. The trees were considered useless because of their thick bark, and ironically have become one of the most used symbols of Africa and Senegal.

Gris-gris are Senegalese good luck charms. In this case, a horse tail hanging out of a tailpipe of a rugged cab. Surprisingly the trunk and the doors stayed shut this time. #awaytravel

Little monkey doing lines of sugar. Addictive stuff I tell you. 🐒

Mr Zeebra

Hundred year old Baobap tree and a @kaliblane for scale

Mr Rhino

The oldest baopap trees were used to be a burial ground for the great old storytellers.

Le bus.

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