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Samie Jo Guyett  All this beauty exists so you and I can see His glory, His artwork. Its like an invitation to worship Him, to know Him.. 🎈📷


the cutest saturday play date!

my spirit is stirring for this trip! so stoked to spend two weeks in this beautiful country. prayers are so so appreciated and if you feel led to donate, the link is in my bio 🤘🏻

easter || the best darn day of the entire year!

okay ken.

S/O to this hilarious group of individuals coming in clutch to help me out with some photos today! Also, go check out @thembimusic new EP she just dropped! ALSO ALSO, y'all should go get @hillsongchannel new box coming out next month! It's so dope and content related that will rock your socks off! And, while you're at it just get their other team boxes as well!

I've always hated night time- like legit dreaded it. It's when anxiety has attacked and my mind never slows. But it just hit me tonight (I don't know why it's taken me so long to realize this) how God has slowly taken this place of fear and pain and transformed it into this beautiful time of rest and intimacy with Him. I just play worship music.. there's no anxiety. no thinking. no fear. He's always quiet, but present and I just lay here. It's become my favorite time of the day. wow. sorry, just a small praise report. || "He is my battle cry, He gave me back my life. He is my battle cry, I give Him back my life."

"Unanswered prayers are not okay. We were not designed to be comfortable. We should want to have the significance we were born for. We cannot look for answers to keep us comfortable in the middle of a mystery, when it's suppose to aggravate us to a breakthrough" - @brevived

"What if 'let Heaven come' looks less like a supreme being making us His loyal subjects and more like humans discovering that the endless possibilities of heavens impossibilities take hold of our hearts. But we may not of known it when we prayed for it to come, but what actually changed what opened up was our understanding, our viewpoint, of the heaven that was always there. What if we got down on our knees and cried out for heaven to come, and through humility we were finally able to see what had been there all along. What if that was the point of our prayer. Well this changes everything. What if heaven coming is less something showing up elusively in the sky and more about our awareness opening up to the God who never left, never leaves, always present- deep breath. The one Jesus came to re-introduce humanity to. Father, Son and Spirit. The triune expression of interdependence and sacrificial love. It was long before we showed up that these three were bumping into each other exchanging light and thought and help and above all love. What if that is in fact the nature of what we've been praying for all along, even though we didn't know it until now. That that kind of heaven would show us what living with the triune God connected at the heart to the source really looks like." - @amandalindseycook

this girl. #brooklynnbelle

this book should be called 'the supernatural power to blow your mind.' 😭 amazing.


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