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Sami Paulig 🇫🇮  Film Director / Producer ✖️Dubai ✖️93 countries

\\\ 📸: @tarukalenov

" Urban ballet " S01
Model: @tarukalenov

I'm about rollin' a seven when I toss up the dice 🎲 📸: @tarukalenov

Never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8hrs of sleep is enough. Why stop there? Why not 9? 10? Strive for greatness.

I feel like I was chose to
Take care of the ones I'm close to
Kitchen lookin' like Whole Foods
Got the fam' around like it's "Soul Food," damn
I do this here for the set
Working all year 'til we set
Quick to check a bitch, yeah I check her
Even though life's a game of chess
'Cause I'm living play-by-play, day-by-day
No time for her honestly
Unless her face lookin' like a young Sade
'Cause I gotta get it a hundred ways
What you know 'bout bein' down and out?
'Til people sayin' you the best man

✖️Still a muthaphuckin' Starboy

✖️4th of May ✖️


Dubai life
Model: @sabrinaaimak


Two cups, toast up with the gang
From food stamps to a whole 'nother domain

1-800-POOLBOY 📞

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