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Sam Claflin  [Lucy and josh] fanpage for the sweetest, most talented actor of all time ≪ ・ 『updates + photos daily』

Hey guys so I'm lucy the new owner and I'm obsessed with Sam <3 and I hope you continue to love the account :)

*im sick today, so I sound and look like shiza*
But I've chosen @luciasimcox to take over this account. Once again I'm so sorry you guys, I know I just came back but it's personal issues that have caused me to make this decision. Remember to keep following to support Sam - I still love him and I love you all.
Thank you for EVERYONES DM's and requests, I'm so sorry I didn't reply to all of you, I have to do English homework and I'm actually in physical pain ahahhaa .
Please keep following my private account, it's making me happy that some of you are following me still ❤️ >@antheawatkins < .
All the best,
Anthea xx

💔 I am still accepting DM's on my private account, for those who are interested in taking over this account again. > I'll be looking at everyone's DM's tonight <
Go to @antheawatkins to dm me, don't dm this account. I'm really sorry I'm leaving guys, but it's for a legitimate personal reason.
I'll still be on @antheawatkins tho❤️❤️ love you all

Guys for personal reasons I'm unable to keep this account
I'm really sorry, I honestly loved my followers - you all made me feel really good about myself
I'm so sorry, I really am. (Dm @antheawatkins (my private) if you're interested in having the account)

Who's excited for #LoveRosie!? 😄

THIS IS LITERALLY GREATER THAN LIFE JUST THEIR EXPRESSIONS OMG 😂😂 I swear I've watched this interview about 30 times or more .
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I want to use this caption to say the biggest THANK YOU to all of the wonderful people who comment such kind-hearted comments on my previous picture. I'm so sorry I couldn't thank you all individually; but I certainly read each and every comment and they really touched my heart in the warmest way. ❤ I adore you guys so much. Thanks for being such devoted fans to Sam and so loving to me! X
Anthea 💕

Alright so I know that unfortunately that isn't the handsome face of Sam Claflin 😂 but I thought I'd make a post to properly introduce myself! .
My name is Anthea (as most of you know) and I live in the state of Victoria in Australia. I play the piano, enjoy drawing and singing and I'm known for eating food 24/7 lololol
I am 16 years old, in my tenth year of school and I work at McDonald's 🍟😂
and obvs --I adore Samuel George Claflin! .
There you go guys now you know a bit more about me :D
Lots of love and thank yous for following me ❤❤

100 days until Mockingjay pt 1 is released! Like if you're as excited as I am omg 😭😄❤
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I went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy tonight, and had the most PLEASANT surprise when the stunning and amazingly talented Laura Haddock popped up! She played her small but very crucial role so well! I can't wait to see even more of her in the future!! .
(Fun fact: Laura also appears in Captain America as a random fan! Marvel must love her as much as we do!) .
[#laurahaddock #appreciationpost] ❤

First look of Sam Claflin as Finnick Odair in Mockingjay part 1!
Looks amazing!! 😍

Hey guys :)
I need to clear something up for some people because apparently it's very hard to understand.....
I am
Sam Claflin > this is a FANPAGE <
it says so on my bio
My name is Anthea - I'm a girl from Australia!
If you want to follow Sam his account is @mrsamclaflin

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