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i got in one little fight and my mom got scared


happy national dog day to my bestfriend. thanks for being the most psycho beautiful wolf there is. didn't know what real love was til i met you.

i wanna move to dubai so i don't never have to kick it with none of you guys🍼

i'm talkin baby like faceeeee


little touch up from my favvvv😍 @laurenbehnken @thecollectivehairstudio

goooooooodmorning vietnam

hahahahah @raesremmurd

you're probably thinking to yourself "what a dumb idiot sam fat girl sam idiot dumb girl laughing at nothing what a stupid idiot" well no! i was laughing at my bestfriend summer because she ate shit on the little tile thing between the jacuzzi and the pool and that my friends gives me pure joy: people getting hurt

goodbye general public !

happiest birthday to my best friend since i was 11 years old @ariannalejbman i love you forever😇 #aripoo #samipoo #ariannaslut

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