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You ever hear some slow tracks, you know what I'm sayin? With, like, some pimpin to it, or somethin That you can relax, pop a top to, or somethin

happy birthday i don't give a fuck about my followers so everyone please unfollow me because it's taylor's birthday

happy birthday to the light of my life!!!! u r the strongest little cookie i know and there's no one i'd rather say i've been able to keep a friendship with since we were 11. Love you little baby

this is my reaction to about 90% of the things that happen in my life. i swear i look up at an invisible camera and go "really?" that's how terrible my life is feel bad for me

i don't go far without her

guess u weren't the vibe


if you want to look as good as me go to @kylie_locke for your lashes😍😍 she seriously is amazing this isn't a joke people!!!! @kylie_locke

a brunette and a blonde with an inseparable bond... headass!!! but i seriously miss her so much she's my bestest friend:( I know I bully her but in a cute way and i know she secretly loves it. miss u fatty

turns out i'm stupid good at tennis

please don't touch my raf

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